360e is a super power hearing instrument that provides solid, reliable performance for severe to profound hearing loss. 360e fits hearing losses up to 120 dB, with all of the power you need, and built-in durability that stands up to the toughest demands of everyday life.

360 also provides children with innovative technology that helps them to communicate, learn and thrive in their daily lives,  Key Features are:

  • Safety first: a tamperproof battery door and volume control are available, while a mini earhook offers maximum retention.
  • Classroom ready: combine 360 with an optional direct audio input unit or compatible integrated FM system.
  • Built tough: 360 is durable and reliable to easily handle what each day brings, from digging in the sandbox, to jumping and running, to wrestling on the floor with a friend.

360’s many features can be activated and customized, as required, providing a powerful hearing instrument that adapts to your growing child’s changing needs.