ALPS Hearing Aid Price List

Model Features Fiting
Range dB
Hi-Res Hearing Aids (Digital)
KARIZMA ITC,CIC Adaptive & Automatic Directionality for maximum help in noise.High resolution 128-Channel adaptive noise reduction ,built in Tinnitus matching & Masking facilty,Extremely useful Activity Analyzer thru Data Logging ,Alps -live-unique feature,8 channel WDRC 10-70 89,500
KARIZMA BTE 10-85 88,500
INTELLI Automatic 128-channel Noise reduction system giving signal to noise ration advantage in background noise ,Advanced 70band adjustable Graphic Equilizer 10-85 72,000
6th SENSE BTE ,CIC Smoothest frequency response,Exceptional Hi-Fi,sound faithful to the original,Unique 128 channel,automatic noise reduction system,pragrammable power on delay to avoid whistling on inserting hearing aid ,4 program Memories for beter is listening in parties 10-70 52,000
6th SENSE FULL SHELL W/DUAL MIC 10-70 56,000
ERIKA Surprisingly attractive features changing the way the patient will hear Real Dynamics 10-70 awaited
DYANA 20-105
Compact BTE
Alps High gain N,H,HH Cosmetically designed ,versatile ,for Mild to Moderate Hearing Losses in 3 versionss 25-65 4,95
Alps Nova Robust design ,Low noise circuit,for Mild to Moderately severe hearing loss 25-70 5,950
Alps Turbo mini Powerful Low noise hearing aid for severe losses 25-85 7,995
E-202 Low noise BTE 30-70 5,500
Alps PP BTE Super power board band for congenital profound deafness 40-100 9,500
CB 90 Broad band amplification,DAI & DVP circuit ,anti feedback mic,Speech programmed compression,wind protection,for progressive,profound losses 60-120 17,500
Trimmer D
ALPS TURBO D BTE Compact powerful hearing instrument which features two pre-set trimmer controls,H control for low frequency and AGC_O control A 35-90 8,900
ALPS TURBO D(AGC,O) 35-90 9,600
ALPS TURBO D (AGC,O)CIC 35-65 11,500
Special Aids/Ald’s /FM
Tinnities Device wide band white noise generator available in BTE and CIC standard 12,600
ALPS Telephone Hearing Aids Boosts the incoming telephone signal 1,200
ALPS Communicator 7,000
HA Stethoscope with N and H setting 28,000
FM System Lexis (Rec.+TM) Ideal for hearing Impaired children 1,20,000
FM System Amigo(Rec.+TM) Ideal for hearing Impaired children 1,40,000
Hear IT-geriatic system Available with V/C to increase ,direct input from audio and video 7,500
Amplified Telephone System Specially designed phone for hearing impaired persons 4,500
Rugged Body Worn
Alps Comfy 40-80 1,750
Alps Futura-OTM Study,Economical for Mild-Moderately Severe 40-80 1,750
Alps Stylo Plus (N.H.HH) Hearing Losses 40-75 2,050
Advance Plus Low noise ,powerful Telecoil for Mild to Severe Hearing loss 40-80 2,250
Alps Super Master Versatile very sturdy for Moderate-Severe hearing Losses also available AVC version 40-90 2,600
Alps Super Master AVC 40-90 2,650
Alps Power Master PP High Power ,Push Pull for Severe Profound Super Power,Independent adjustment,for Profoundly Deaf Children 40-105 3,450
Alps PM Plus 40-110 4,050
Alps PM Deluxe Plus 40-120 4,500
BC Headband in Lieu of Rec 2,900
BC with Headband 3,150
Spectacle Aids(w’o Frame)
Mini Compact AC 21,000
Energy Digital BC Spectacle For AC-BC gap(Conductive) 35,000
Mini Compact CROS For Unilateral Hearing Losses 30,000
BC Spectacle B-12/B-16(37) For Conductive deafness 23,000
AMICO @ Digit 100% Digital Bone Conduction Glasses 36,000