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AM Hearing Aids Price List

Model Features Battery Size Gain/Output Channel Range MRP(INR)Rs. Pocket Hearing Aids AM- 66 AO Channel 1, Trimmer NH,Omi Direc.Mic,VC AA 63/129 1 0-80 Rs 4990 AM- 66 AOPP AA 79/138 1 10-100 Rs 5990 Semi Digital Hearing Aids with Trimmers AM 111 Trimmer NH,M/T, Omni Direc.,Mic NR,Feed Back Cancellation, Push Button 13 64/132 1 10-90 […]

Know solution of all your queries regarding hearing aids

Read to Know Solution of All Your Queries Regarding Hearing aids 1) What is a hearing aid? It is a small electronic device that you can wear in or behind your ear. A hearing aid makes some sounds louder so that a person who is suffering from hearing loss can listen, communicate, and participate more […]

Various Steps and Techniques

Various Steps and Techniques for the Treatment of Hearing Loss It is true that hearing aids are not so commonly used such as visual aids , glasses or contact lenses. Unfortunately, very few people who need to be corrected hearing you choose to use one. In this world where TV, loud music, video games and car engines are […]

Natural Assistance for Hearing Loss Treatment

 Natural Assistance for Hearing Loss Treatment The inefficiency of the someone to hear the sounds properly is known as Loss of hearing. There is no age limit specify for hearing loss. It can happen to any age group person. Hearing loss/Hearing impairment is described as the decrease in the capability of the ears to detect and […]

Oticon Streamer

  Connect with your music players with “Oticon Streamer” The Oticon Streamer works with different portable music players – both with to devices without Bluetooth and Bluetooth-enabled devices. Streamer music devices also connected with wireless devices like Bluetooth A2DP profile support. Wired music devices either via a cable connected to the Streamer with or wirelessly […]

Simplifying Digital Hearing aids

  Simplifying Digital Hearing aids : Style, Quality, Comfort, Condition, Care, Cosmetics and Pricing “Digital” introduction of this term in the world of Hearing aids has not only received a warm welcome but as a token of return gift it has also captivated its users with wide plethora of usability and satisfaction. Digital technology of […]

Reality of Hearing Aids

Reality of Hearing Aids – Cure for Hearing Loss The next time you hear this word- “Hearing Aids”, don’t get surprised as the much connoted term has nothing to do with sexually transmission of diseases, like AIDS. Though AIDS (Acquired Immunodeficiency Syndrome) which is a communicable disease, due to which the disease travels from one […]