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Australia-based company Cochlear on Wednesday debuted its latest hearing implant sound processor, the Nucleus 7, which was developed in cooperation with Apple to connect with and integrate sound from iPhone, iPad and iPod touch devices.

Announced in July, but in the works for years, the Made for iPhone sound processor boasts deep integration with Apple technology to deliver iOS device sound output directly to an implant embedded in a user’s head.

Apple’s accessibility engineering team worked with Cochlear for two to three years to develop a modified Bluetooth Low Energy protocol capable of transferring audio without rapidly depleting the hearing device’s battery. Called Bluetooth Low Energy Audio, the Apple patented technology offers extended up time while maintaining high quality audio streams.

As noted by The Australian, Cochlear implant patients looking to connect to iPhone have until now been forced to use a separate Bluetooth accessory. With BLEA, however, owners of the new Nucleus 7 will have direct audio access to phone calls, music, movies and other content on a range of iOS devices.

Unlike traditional hearing aids, the Cochlear system uses a sound processor placed behind an ear to capture sound and translate it into digital signals. These signals are sent to a surgically implanted coil, which decodes the digital information and converts it into electrical pulses that are sent to an electrode array embedded in the cochlea. The pulses stimulate a patient’s auditory nerve and the brain perceives this reaction as sound.

Cochlear implants are considered more effective than hearing aids, which simply amplify incoming sound. For users with severe damage to structures in the inner ear, the technology is irreplaceable.

Like most miniaturized electronic devices, sound processors suffer from battery life constraints, making it difficult to implement extra communications hardware like a Bluetooth radio. That’s where BLEA comes in.

“We started looking at this program around the concept of Bluetooth LE and how it would be a beneficial tool in this specific circumstance,” said Apple director of accessibility Sarah Herrlinger. “The work we have done is applicable both to hearing aids and sound processors.”

Herrlinger notes development of the integrated system spanned two to three years with input from multiple hearing aid companies, including Cochlear. The technology is designed to support a wide range of hearing assistance products, as some patients might use a cochlear implant and traditional hearing aid simultaneously.

“We made this work when you may have two different devices, it may even be from two different companies,” Herrlinger said.

As the world’s first Made for iPhone sound processor, Nucleus 7 comes with a few unique features tied to the company’s iOS app. With the app, users an adjust settings and sound processor programs, monitor battery life and access personalized hearing information. The software also boasts a feature similar to “Find My iPhone” that helps users locate a missing sound processor.

Halo 2 Made for iPhone hearing aids are designed to help patients stay connected to the people and things they love most. Built using the industry’s first ever quad core twin compressor technology and a brand new operating system, Halo 2 hearing aids are able to process multiple sounds simultaneously, so that speech is crisp, ambient sound is natural, and music sounds rich and immersive.

Halo 2 is designed to provide better hearing across life’s changing landscapes so that you never miss your child’s laughter or a friend’s joke. Available in our thinnest receiver-in-the-canal (RIC) yet, Halo 2 works with the latest version of the TruLink Hearing Control app to connect with iPhone, iPad, iPod touch and Apple Watch and select Android devices.

Halo 2 works with the new TruLink 3.0 app to provide the following features Halo users love:

  • High-definition streaming of music, phone calls, videos, FaceTime calls, Siri and other media directly to your Halo 2 hearing aids*
  • A personalized and high-quality listening experience with exceptional sound quality to help you hear comfortably in any environment
  • Up to 20 customized and geotagged hearing aid memories, so your hearing aids automatically adjust based on the environments you frequent most (e.g., home, work, the gym or park)
  • Easy control of your hearing aids using your iPhone
  • No buzzing, whistling and clicking

New Features!

Brand new to Halo 2 and TruLink 3.0 are the Real-Time Notifications and inclusion of our popular tinnitus technology! Halo 2 wearers with Apple devices will now be able to hear notifications for email, calendar, messages and social pings! For those suffering from tinnitus, integrated controls in the TruLink app will allow users to control the volume and modulation rate of the Multiflex Tinnitus Technology solution for personalized tinnitus management.

And as always, our Halo 2 hearing aids are packed with Starkey Hearing echnologies’ best-in-class performance features designed to deliver pristine audio, natural sound, best hearing in noise, and zero feedback. They will also feature our next-generation moisture and wax repellent, Surface Nanoshield, ensuring reliability and durability.

Because a child is not a small adult

As a parent, you want the best for your child. From their health and well-being to their social and educational development, setting a solid foundation for their future is of utmost importance. As the leader in pediatric hearing solutions, we strive to give you the peace of mind knowing that your child has access to explore and be a part of the ever changing world of sound around them.

With over 40 years of expertise and input from hearing care professionals, parents, kids, and our respected international Pediatric Advisory board, we continue to push the limits of technology to support the listening needs of your child.

Explore the world with confidence!

We know that a child is not just a small adult because they face even more hearing challenges than grown-ups do. They are often in very different environments than grown-ups and need their hearing aids to confidently learn, explore and engage. Younger listeners are often hearing sounds for the first time through which they learn about the world. Unlike adults, kids don’t have the hearing experience or language understanding which we use to fill in the gaps when certain words and phrases are unclear. This is why it’s crucial for children to have access to the clearest possible sound, from the earliest possible age, to maximize their chances of hearing, speaking and learning.

As kids grow older, the ability to clearly understand speech, wherever they go is key.This helps them to freely interact with teachers and peers during lessons and leisure time, increasing their overall well-being.

In the latest move towards the future, Signia has developed its superior audiology further by incorporating the industry’s broadest and most innovative use of Bluetooth. Together they deliver uncompromising sound, industry-leading connectivity and revolutionary remote hearing care in one hearing aid with great battery life: Pure 13 BT primax. Its wearers’ ears are fully connected to their environment: to each other, to their iPhone and to you, their Hearing Care Professional.

World’s first High Definition binaural and direct streaming.

1. Leading audiology:

With primax star, the best High Definition binaural platform is now enhanced through motion sensor technology.

2. Unrivaled connectivity:

Direct streaming and the new myControl App deliver the best connection and remote control.

3. Revolutionary TeleCare 2.0:

With TeleCare 2.0, our revolutionary remote hearing care now gets advanced fine tuning and Bluetooth data logging for successful trials.

1. Audiology. Effortless precision hearing.

Signia offers the most sophisticated audiology with primax star, the pinnacle of our industry-leading platform. primax star delivers a new level of precision for truly effortless hearing.* It features the world’s most precise microphone system for the best speech and situational awareness.

2. Connectivity. Convenient streaming and control.

Wearers can conveniently stream phone calls, music and TV directly into the hearing aids without needing to wear an extra intermediate device. Signia’s direct streaming solution provides reliability and high sound quality without compromising on industry-leading audiology. The Bluetooth connection also allows for relay-less remote control via the new myControl App.

A new StreamLine TV accessory enables the direct streaming of Dolby Digital sound quality from almost any TV via 2.4 GHz Bluetooth low energy. Now your customers can enjoy all the advantages of our leading High Definition binaural platform as well as hearing the original high-quality soundtrack of their favorite film or TV program streamed directly to their new Pure 13 BT hearing aids. Wearers can even adjust the volume individually via the myControl App. And setting up the wireless TV connection is as easy as 1-2-3 because StreamLine TV has a wide variety of connections to suit any type of TV.
Pure 13 BT primax – A new era in precise hearing.
Equipped with our primax star platform, the new Pure 13 BT primax revolutionizes precise hearing. It’s the world’s first hearing aid to offer audiological benefit through Bluetooth. In combination with the new myControl App, it uses detailed, Bluetooth-based data that provides a clear overview of the wearer’s acoustic environment.