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Oticon Streamer

  Connect with your music players with “Oticon Streamer”

The Oticon Streamer works with different portable music players – both with to devices without Bluetooth and Bluetooth-enabled devices. Streamer music devices also connected with wireless devices like Bluetooth A2DP profile support. Wired music devices either via a cable connected to the Streamer with or wirelessly via a Bluetooth adapter. Here is the example as a popular non-Bluetooth-enabled music device used iPod.

Connecting cable between the streamer Turn on iPod and iPod and streamer. Connect streamers and IPod with the cable that came with the streamer. Plug one end of cable into the iPod’s headphone jack and the other end of cable into the streamer’s headphone jack. Start with iPod’s music player. After then press the audio button on the Streamer. The button lights solid orange then the music is transferred to the hearing. You can also control volume of the music on the one transmission with the volume control on the iPod and the other set from the multi-function button on the Streamer.