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Audifon Hearing Aids

As manufacturers of sophisticated hearing systems for over 50 years Audifon strives to understand the needs of patients with hearing loss. With this awareness, audifon has developed a portfolio of hearing systems and supports products that strive to enhance hearing solutions by giving the clinicians the tools for fittings and retentions.

Audifon hearing aids  develops and produces powerful hearing systems. It delivers quality in design and production. The Audifon focus is on an effective price value ratio and high customer satisfaction.

For decades Audifon has been one of the preferred hearing system brands.

Hearing Systems – Libra , Miro, vico, Switch,Arriva, Avero Eox, Elia,.

Tinnitus Solutions – Eox, Elia, Libra , Micro,Vico, switch, Sueno, Sueno T , Arriva.

CROS/BiCROS solutions   the transmitter for CROS systems  respectively BiCros  system for patients with a hearing loss additional on the better ear, pick up the sound arriving on the poorer ear  and send it to the receiver of the opposite side. This allows the receiver to receive sounds from both sides.

Audifon is also concerned about your future hearing. That is why Audifon offers you a wide range of protective devices for your ears. Audifon recommends customized hearing protection. Many Audifon protection products are available in silicon and acrylic. Soft silicon fits gently into the ear canal, while hard acrylic is easy to clean and is particularly hygienic.

Audifon manufactures protective hearing machines for the following situations:

Leisure and music

Sleeping and travelling

Protection at work

Hunting and shooting

Motorsport and engineering

Children, bathing and swimming.

The audifon hearing aids price is available in great detail in the price list available at Hearing Aids Delhi. It is a comprehensive list and gives you the features of the various models. Enjoy the sounds of life with Audifon hearing aids.