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High-end features are now accessible to everybody. Neo incorporates the high-end benefits of more expensive hearing instruments at an attractive price.

Designed to improve speech understanding

Sounds from in front of you are emphasized while sounds from behind and to the sides are suppressed.
Neo’s technology:

  • Directional microphone technology
  • FM compatibility

Comfort in difficult listening situations

Background noise and low-level every day noise is reduced.

Neo’s technology:

  • Adaptive Noise Reduction
  • Soft Noise Management

Comfortable to wear

Your voice sounds natural without annoying whistling.
Neo’s technology:

  • OpenFit
  • Adaptive Feedback Cancellation


Great sound quality

Customized to your hearing loss and adjusted for different listening situations.
Neo’s technology:

  • Advanced 5 channel signal processing
  • Multiple listening programs


    Neo CIC (Completely-In-the-ear-Canal)

    The Neo CIC is the smallest hearing system in the range. It fits completely in the ear canal and is almost invisible. When cosmetics are important this is the ideal solution. Due to the small size this hearing system is suitable for mild to moderate hearing losses.

    Neo MC and ITC (Canal models)

    Several ITC models are available. These are small-sized canal hearing systems for mild to moderate hearing losses. Optional user controls such as the digital volume control and the push button make it extremely flexible to respond to individual needs and preferences. Dual Microphone technology is also available for better speech understanding in noise.

    Neo ITE (In-The-Ear)

    Neo ITE hearing systems are compact in-the-ear-instruments for moderate to severe hearing losses. These concha hearing systems feature a local digital volume control and a push button for to switch between different hearing programs.

    Neo BTE (Behind-The-Ear)

    Neo BTE hearing systems are worn behind-the-ear and are compact power instruments for moderate to severe hearing losses. The model range consists of Neo 102 BTE, 112 BTE and 105 BTE DM. All BTE models are equipped with a digital volume contol and a push button for different programs.