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Bernafon AVANTI


State-of-the-art adaptive hearing system technology does not necessarily have to be high priced. Avanti proves this amazingly: Bernafon now brings Swiss engineering and high-end technology to an affordable level. This is how you stay in the game with your environment, every day.

Technically sophisticated
With Avanti, technical sophistication is obvious from the kick-off. Equipped with the latest digital technology Avanti moves smoothly through changing listening environments and manages even the most challenging situations. Feel in perfect shape, whether it is at home with your family, at work with your colleagues or out at night with friends.


Eliminates disturbing interference

Avanti is equipped with excellent defence against noise and feedback. Advanced detectors ensure that the Adaptive Noise Reduction reduces unwanted background noise while keeping the speech signal in the forefront.


Small but powerful

Avanti is a “player” that, despite the small size, can achieve incredible performance. With its small and ergonomic form it sits in a position behind the ear where it is most comfortable. Thanks to its thin sound tubes, Avanti is practically invisible. Avanti models are available in four attractive colors.



• Standard earhook
• Spira Flex thin tubes, 0.9 mm and 1.3 mm
• Remote control