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Bernafon BRITE


At Bernafon, your hearing is our passion. That is why we develop hearing systems that not only look good but deliver the hearing results you expect.

Combining form and functionality

Brite combines the best in advanced automatic sound processing with a pleasing rounded design that fits very comfortably on the ear. Brite has excellent, natural sound quality for both conversation and everyday sounds. Try Brite today. You will like what you hear!

Brite technology – individualized performance

Brite instruments use advanced automatic signal processing to bring you authentic sound in every listening situation. Brite is designed to enhance speech sounds whenever conversation is detected. Bernafon’s Lifestyle technology allows Brite to be customized to help you hear better in the listening situations that you most often encounter. Whether you are at home, at work or socializing, Brite can make communication easier.

Brite colors – brighten up your life

Although we don’t usually think of hearing instruments as fashion accessories, Brite’s selection of 10 earthy colors allows you to express your own style. Whether you prefer to be subtle or bold, there is a Brite color for you!


Brite – the perfect hearing solution

A perfect match to your hearing needs, Brite helps you in challenging listening situations. Brite’s pure, natural sound connects you to the world. Brite is more than just a hearing instrument. It is a communication device that can help you enjoy the pleasures of life.