Bernafon Hearing aid Price List

Model Type Fitting Range Controls Features MRP(INR)
MOVE 400 C.I.C. Up – to 80 dB Without VC Highly Precise Signal Processing in 7 Channels, Adaptive Directionality in 4 Bands, Adaptive Noise Reduction in 8 Bands, Soft Noise Management, 7 Channel Triquiquilizer Adaptive 90,000
MOVE 106 B.T.E. Micro Up – to 90 dB Without VC Feedback Cancellation, Open fit with Low Frequency Compensation, Adaptive Signal Unification Automatic Program with Speech/Comfort Emphasis, Individually Adjustable 90,000
MOVE 112 B.T.E. Power Up – to 110 dB With VC Adaptive Performance, 3 Additional Freely Configurable Listening Programs, Individually Adjustable Programs for DAI/FM and Telecoil, Personalized Fitting Approach with 90,000
MOVE 315 I.T.C. DM Up – to 90 dB With VC The Lifestyle Profile, Fitting Flexibility with The Copying and Multiple Assignment of Programs, Data Tracker/Logging with Fitting 90,000
Optinal Remote @ Rs. 10,000.00 # Dual Microphone Recommendations, Option of Earhooks or Thin Soundtubes, Optional Remote, In-situ Audiometry
IS 105 B.T.E. Mini DM Up – to 110 dB With VC orld’s First Hearing System with Personalized Audio Navigation, Speech Intelligibility in all environments, Comfort in Quiet and Noise, Natural Sound and Voice 1,20,000
IS 315 I.T.C. DM Up – to 90 dB With VC Perception, Music Optimization, Adaptive Noise Reduction, Adaptive Feedback Cancellation, A.S.U, Open Fit for occlusion free fittings, In-situ Audiometry, Tracker (Data Loging) with Fine- Tune Proposals, 7 Channel 1,25,000
IS 400 C.I.C. Up – to 80 dB Without VC Triqualizer, Adaptive Noise Reduction In 8 Bands, Lifestyle Profile Based Fitting, Automatic Program Allocation, Environment Specific Controls, Sound Check, Remote Control Compatibility, Multi Dimensional Directionallity, Audio 1,25,000
Optional Remote @ Rs. 10,000.00 Recognition with 4 Different Monitors, 3 Freely Configurable Listening Programs, Additional Dedicated Auto Telephone Program
502 R.I.T.E Up – to 80 dB Without VC Smallest receiver in the world, tuned to perfectly match your communication needs. Brite Comforts you. 55,000
503 R.I.T.E Up – to 80 dB Without VC Brite 502 includes all the features of PRIO 1,40,000
Optional Remote @ Rs. 10,000.00 Brite 503 includes all the features of ICOS
V 505 M.Speaker Up – to 80 dB Without VC Premium ChannelFree DSP, Bluetooth Wireless Binaural Coordination between left and right Instruments of Geedback Direction & Environmental Recognition, Multi-Environment Program with Dynamic Contrast, Adaptive Directionality, Adaptive Noise Reduction, Adaptive Signal Unification, Soft Noise 1,80,000
V 505 M.Speaker Up-to 80 dB Without VC Management, Fast Transient Signal, Compression System, Data Logging and Learning, Power Receiver Options, Automatic Telephone Detection, Personalization by Lifestyle Profile and Data Learning, 4 Freely Assignable Program Memories, Dedicated Programs for specific situations, Attractive Design with a variety of colors, Optional Rc-p 1,80,000
V505 P.Speaker Up-to 100 dB Without Vc Remote control, Optional Soundgate for Bluetooth Wireless Technology or wired dai reception telephone, G.p.s nad Tv Reception Through Microphone or Bluetooth wireless Technology, Clean Signal Technology, Gain Adjustment 20,000 times/sec 1,85,000

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