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BERNAFON BRITE: With Brite, Bernafon introduces advanced Receiver-In-The-Ear (RITE) technology. Brite offers numerous additional benefits compared to existing RITE devices, without compromising on sound quality or output.

Its small and ergonomically designed for long-wearing comfort, and brite comes in a rainbow of hot and cool colors. This device isnt for people who want to hide hearing loss.

Bernafon´s misson is to help people to hear and communicate better. Sophistication in engineering and design is our trademark. This, coupled with our goal to improve knowledge, has lifted Bernafon into a leading position in the global Hearing Aid industry.

Verite, Bernafon’s newest product, provides high-resolution performance based on our proprietary ChannelFree signal processing. Verite stays true to the acoustic signal by treating it as a whole, rather than artificially breaking it into channels. The multi-environment technology in Verite controls an array of advanced features that automatically adjust to changes in the sound environment providing effortless awareness of the surrounding auditory scene. The result of Verite’s ChannelFree technology and adaptive features is clear natural sound.