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The PRIO hearing system offers a powerful combination of modern technology and a highly individualized fit. PRIO – the best solution in this category.

PRIO – Make Your Hearing a PRIOrity
Your hearing is special, and so is the PRIO hearing system. When programming PRIO, your hearing PRIOrities, based on your personal lifestyle, are taken into account.
Hear according to your PRIOrities

The PRIO hearing system can recognize any listening environment and automatically choose the right setting for you. Anytime and anywhere. It is the most modern technology that adaptively regulates loudness and suppresses intrusive noise, to help you understand speech better again.
Better understanding in any situation

You will be amazed with the natural sound of PRIO and the improvement in speech understanding. The PRIO hearing system is fully automatic. Wear PRIO and enjoy the world.
Better hearing, automatically and individualized

The PRIO hearing system knows what you want to hear, where you want to hear, and how you want to hear.

PRIO works automatically in noisy traffic, in calm nature, during a conversation between you and another person, or even in a larger group.
PRIO automatically adapts itself to any situation, according to your wishes and PRIOrities.

PRIO hearing systems are available in several styles and colors. All models can be used with the optional remote control.