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Sometimes a new idea or experience causes us to completely change our point of view. Old ideas can be refreshed by a new perspective, expanding our capacity to live life to the fullest. Bernafon is proud to offer a new perspective with Veras, our next generation of ChannelFree hearing systems.

Complete versatility
Veras offers a choice of six instrument styles with a range of sizes and shapes to suit every preference. Attractive color and fitting options make Veras extremely versatile.

Your hearing care professional can advise you about the best combination of features, styles and fitting options to meet your personal hearing needs.

With so many choices, Veras is the hearing system with something for everyone!



Balanced hearing

ChannelFree™ digital signal processing is the core technology in the Veras system. Incoming sounds are analyzed and adjusted 20,000 times per second to amplify even the smallest speech sounds. The result is clear natural sound and maximum speech understanding.

An advanced automatic system allows Veras to adapt seamlessly to every change in the sound scene. Instant              communication between the instruments on each ear results in a more natural listening experience.