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Bernafon VERITE


“Vérité” is the French word for truth. Always true to the sound source, Vérité delivers an accurate picture of the sound scene. Bernafon’s exclusive ChannelFree signal processing is the key to Vérité’s precise performance.

Vérité analyzes incoming sounds thousands of times per second, ensuring that every sound is amplified accurately. The result is clear, natural sound and an effortless listening experience.


Vérité offers a choice of many attractive colors, taken from the natural world. You are sure to find one that suits your individual preferences.



True sound quality

For hearing instrument users, sound quality is of the utmost importance. To truly capture the sound scene, sound quality must be high for both speech and environmental sounds.

Precision is the key to Vérité’s true sound experience. The power of Bernafon’s proprietary ChannelFree™ digital signal processing is combined with outstanding multi-environment performance. Advanced adaptive functionality allows Vérité to adjust precisely to changes in the sound environment. This winning partnership delivers an authentic listening experience.

 VE_environment Hear well in every environmentYour hearing needs change constantly. Whether you are indoors or out, in quiet or noise, conversing with one person or many, your hearing system must perform well. 
Vérité adapts automatically to bring you the best hearing in every situation. When speech is detected, the system ensures that conversation has the highest priority. In the absence of speech, Vérité focuses on surrounding sounds.