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Click nTalk


Click’nTalk is the unique and clever solution for mobile phone users, combining best sound quality with convenient and intuitive use. No charging, no programming is required – just click and enjoy!

  What is Click’nTalk?

Click’nTalk is a wireless transmitter for mobile phones and turns hearing aids into a wireless headset. Using the Phonak HiBAN (Hearing aid Body Area Network) link, Click’nTalk streams phone calls in digital quality to both hearing aids simultaneously.

Key Features

  • Directly plugs to the mobile phone
  • Powered by the mobile phone
  • Device is activated automatically
  • Hearing aids will automatically switch to phone mode during a call
  • No charging, no cables
  • So small to always have it at hand
  • No maintenance
  • Works with all wireless Phonak hearing aids without fitting
  • Robust digital wireless link to both hearing aids simultaneously
  • Allow to use the latest mobile phone technology