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Ear Plugs

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Ear Plug Protect your ears with ultimate comfort having Superior design for a custom fit.

Foam earplugs

Foam earplugs are designed to fit into the ear canal and available as single use or reusable earplugs.



Generic Fit Earplugs

Generic fit earplugs reduce sound levels by 16dB while minimising high frequency roll-off, which means that everything sounds the same just quieter.

Custom Earplugs

Custom earplugs are fitted with filters, which gives noise reduction over all frequencies compared to foam earplugs. This means at a much reduced volume you can stil hear sounds as normal.

Custom made filtered earplugs

Musicians or Hi-Fi earplugsMusicians earplugs are custom-made for the individual listener.ER-20 plugs are washable, reusable and durable. Musicians or Hi-Fi earplugs