ReSound hearing aids featuring iSolate nanotech are the only hearing aids available that include industry-leading moisture protection – inside and out. No one delivers a more reliable hearing aid.

ReSound Alera hearing aids give an exceptional surround sound experience and strong and clear wireless connections to TV, stereos, computers and mobile phones. In addition to this, ReSound Alera hearing aids are protected against sweat and moisture by iSolate nanotech coating – all to help you connect to the important things in life.

ReSound provides excellent sound by offering innovative hearing aids that combine original thinking and design with solid technology — all based on deep audiological insight and understanding of users.

When you remove the hearing aids at night, the first thing you should do is carefully wipe them down with a dry soft clothe or tissue. Next, inspect the portion of the hearing aid that fits down into the ear canal. If you observe earwax accumulating at the end of the aid, you will need to remove this. Most manufacturers will provide you with a cleaning tool, which may be in the form of a brush, wire pick or combination of both. Carefully, remove the wax. Using the brush provided for you, carefully brush around and in the plastic tubing to clear out the wax. Some patients find that using an old toothbrush is an effective method for wax removal.