Adaptive. Powerful. Intelligent. These attributes define the Phonak Naída V, designed specifically for people with severe hearing loss. The size of these hearing aids is minimized for wearing comfort, yet they provide the maximum in audibility and speech understanding. Naída V is actually 25% thinner than earlier generations, making it easier than ever to wear.

Naída V provides enhanced power and performance for clients with severe to profound hearing loss. It increases audibility of high pitch sounds. Imagine a totally new listening experience, while allowing you to wear a smaller device.

Naída V is available in three models for different degrees of hearing loss.The technology of a new glass fiber used to build the Naída V gives the structure of the device 60% more strength, even in its reduced in size. The same material is also dust and water resistant, and carries an IP68 rating. That tells you the Naída V is designed to perform through every condition you can imagine. Contact CenterForHearingAids at +91-9810074489 for more information about the Naída V Phonak Hearing Aid