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iCom – TV Link


iCom offers the most convenient way to interface any wireless Phonak hearing aid to modern communication devices. The binaural StereoSound digital transmission is extremely robust against any sort of interference. It wirelessly connects the hearing aids to Bluetooth devices or phones and also offers a 3.5mm stereo jack for cabled connections and can integrate an FM receiver via europlug. Incoming signals are prioritized automatically and the hearing aids will automatically switch to the individual iCom hearing programs. The large central button makes sure you can easily accept and reject a call or stop and start streaming audio.

iCom Key Features

  • Wirelessly connects Phonak hearing aids to a huge variety of external devices
  • Phonak StereoSound audio transmission to the hearing aids
  • Receives input in 3 different ways: Bluetooth wireless (speech and stereo music), wired stereo audiojack and FM via europlug
  • Ergonomic design with one simple button
  • True hands-free operation with directional microphone pickup
  • Multi-point technology allows the use of two phones in parallel
  • Rechargeable battery
  • Small, attractive and unobtrusive
  • Fully automatic switching of hearing programs, which can be individually fine tuned with fitting software

The Phonak TVLink

  • StereoSound makes mono wireless transmission a relic of the past 
  • TV to hearing system in the blink of an eye – an amazingly short transmission delay ensures listening pleasure even for open fittings
  • The transmission range of up to 30 meters allows freedom of movement without line of sight 
  • Plug and play – easy one-step set-up in 60 seconds 
  • Easy volume adjustments via the Phonak TVLink basestation
  • The basestation doubles as a charging cradle for the iCom – one power supply for two devices