Why Wear Lyric Hearing Aids?

If You’re Ready for A Solution, But Not Ready to Let Everyone Know

It’s human nature to struggle with admitting we might need some help as our hearing or vision declines. Instead of seeing a healthcare provider, we often let vanity stop us from seeking treatment. We either look for an over-the-counter solution or worse, ignore the problem altogether. If you have trouble hearing, but maintaining your appearance is important, Phonak has developed a solution just for you.

Lyric by Phonak

Just like contact lenses improve your vision without glasses that change your appearance, Lyric is a high-quality, 100% invisible, in-canal hearing aid solution for those who are ready to treat their hearing loss, but aren’t ready to announce it to the world.

What Makes Lyric Hearing Aids Unique?

Lyric captures and amplifies sound differently than other types of hearing aids. Your outer ear naturally captures sound and sends it to the receiver inside your ear canal, the same way sound travels through an ear without hearing loss. The sounds are processed and amplified to comfortably deliver natural sound to your inner ear while remaining 100% invisible.

Lyric is designed to treat mild to moderate hearing loss. Your level of hearing loss, ear size and shape, any medical conditions, and your lifestyle are considered by your Certified Lyric Professional to determine if Lyric is a good fit for your hearing needs. As you rediscover the sounds you’ve been missing in your first weeks wearing Lyric, you can adjust the volume as needed and your Lyric Provider can help you learn how to personalize your experience.

With 7 Sizes Available, More People Can Use Lyric Hearing Aids

Unlike traditional in-ear acrylic hearing aids, Lyric’s outer shell is soft and conforms to the size and shape of your ear canal. Lyric now comes in seven new sizes, from XXS to XXL, which means more people with hearing loss qualify as Lyric candidates.

Lyric is a no-hassle hearing solution and can be worn for months at a time. When battery levels start to get low, simply return to your Lyric Provider for a quick device replacement so you can continue to enjoy the invisible, natural hearing that only Lyric provides.

Individual replacement needs vary and, your provider will determine if Lyric is right for you.

The True Cost of Lyric Hearing Aids

Unlike traditional hearing solutions, you don’t actually purchase Lyric hearing aids. Instead, they are delivered on a subscription basis through your local Lyric provider. This removes some of the hassles of hearing aid ownership such as purchasing and replacing batteries, removing your devices to shower, sleep or exercise, and hearing aid maintenance and cleaning. Wearing Lyric means it’s virtually impossible to lose your hearing aids. The cost of a Lyric subscription is determined by your Certified Lyric Provider and varies based on an individual’s device needs. The cost of an annual subscription is similar to the price of traditional premium-level hearing aids.