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Hearing Aids used earlier to prevents Auditory Atrophy


There is a  collection of detailed studies that demonstrate, physical evidence, clinically, that people who have hearing loss have more success with hearing loss treatments, such as hearing aids, when they act quickly.

Why? Because when the hearing mechanism is deprived of sound, the parts that make up that complex collection of bones and membranes atrophy – weaken – making recovery from hearing loss through mechanical means, aka a hearing aid, that much more difficult. This process is often referred to auditory deprivation.

The key to hearing better longer is to keep the hearing mechanisms stimulated and prevent atrophy. With the help of hearing aids – early, when you first notice hearing loss – you will enjoy a better quality of hearing longer.

The causes of adult-onset auditory deprivation? The most common cause is simple. The person with the hearing loss doesn’t recognize the loss or denies it. In either case if no action is taken and the hearing mechanism is deprived of sound.

Another reason of auditory deprivation is single-ear hearing aid use. This asymmetrical setup results one ear to take on more of the listening activity than the other, causing atrophy in the unaided ear and weakening it over time.

But you no need to worry now because – “Many studies have demonstrated the ear can recover from the effects of auditory atrophy (deprivation); however, the sooner treatment is sought the better. “

The solution of hearing loss is? Consult a hearing professional when you first suspect hearing loss. The faster you act when you suspect hearing loss, the better your hearing will be in the years ahead.

The World come alive for those who are suffering from hearing loss with the help of “Phonak Spice Generation


Brand new high-performance chipset, new fitting and new design software set  industry’s standards Stäfa, Switzerland (October 13, 2010) -  Phonak sets a new industry benchmark in microchip technology with the Spice Generation chipset. Highest capacity, Fastest processing power, largest memory and smallest size all are the amazing features of the Spice chipset. With this latest design approach – Contour Design – for smaller housings shaped to follow the contours of the ear, Spice generates the basis for a entirely new generation of hearing instruments. In addition, we are proud to introduce Phonak Target TM, the new fitting software created in close collaboration with hearing healthcare professionals worldwide. New benchmark performance chipset.

The Phonak Spice Generation chipset sets new standards when it comes to microchip technology: Offering the fastest processing speed with over 200 million operations per second,16 million transistors packed in 65 nanometer chip technology, and the largest memory. The most stable and fastest wireless connections and the widest range of cable-free fitting choices guarantee maximum performance and simple usability. The  wireless real-audio exchange, unique broadband, enables features to make hearing possible in situations where it was impossible to hear in the past.” The introduction of the new Spice platform marks another milestone in the Phonak success story. Our platform strategy is clearly the driving force of our innovation leadership, enabling us to create the products that our clients need to fully hear all the sounds capes of the world. We take our responsibility and commitment very seriously to offer state-of-the art products which function intuitively to those who are depend on us and our know-how. I am very proud of our latest high-tech wonder, the Spice chipset, which will, without a doubt ‘spice’ up our customers’ business and their clients’ life”, says Valentin Chapero, CEO of Phonak.

Experience truly natural hearing due to unique binaural directionality

The Spice Generation features a variety of breakthrough innovations. Binaural directionality allows hearing in even more challenging environments than ever before. A bi-directional network of four microphones enables effectively zooming in on a single voice and a highly focused beam to the front, while suppressing all other interfering sounds.

Another main binaural directional feature is the new auto Zoom Control that analyzes the direction of the dominant speech source and automatically selects it – whether it is left or right, front or back. The speech signal gets picked up and amplified, and is streamed to the other ear. The result is a affecting improved signal-to-noise ratio and a clear signal heard in both ears. The true newness of this feature lies in the ability to understand without facing the speaker.

The binaural feature set is completed by Duo Phone that enables optimal understanding on the phone through bilateral hearing. As soon as the phone conversation starts, the signal is streamed in real time from the ear which the phone is held to to the other ear. The microphone of the receiving instrument is constricted for a significantly improved signal-to-noise ratio.

Modify Personalization with Flex Control

The new Flex Control further raises and modify the Sound Flow automatic Instead of just making sounds louder or softer, real time classification of sounds capes enables the system to understand the intention of manual user adjustment. “Up” can therefore mean fuller sound or clearer understanding, depending on the surroundings. Flex Control selectively activates tools like Ultra Zoom, Flex Volume, Echo Block, Noise Block and Wind Block to enable greater understanding and ease of listening.

Based on the increased processing power of the Spice chipset, Second-generation Sound Flow classification, uses up to 46 distinctive properties of the incoming sound for accurate sounds cape analysis to generate an infinite number of situation-specific automatic programs.

Thanks to a sophisticated self-learning algorithm, changes made with Flex Control are learned and applied to Sound Flow. This way, the hearing system intelligently adapts to the user’s individual preferences.

Form comply function with Contour Design

Just appealing good is not quite enough for Phonak: The new Spice Generation products are designed to look great as well as to offer comfort wear and easy handling. The new BTEs are 20 to 30 % smaller than the previous generation and disappear entirely behind the ear, each being the smallest in its gain category. In addition, all gaps in the housings have been reduced to a minimum to protect the instrument against moisture and debris, guaranteeing maximum reliability. The nano-coating ensures moisture pearls off without entering the housing, while a new microphone protection screen provides the best possible protection without clogging.

The new Spice Generation products all feature the radical Sound Recover feature, and they are also compatible with the entire range of wireless accessories as well as the new Phonak Target fitting software.

Lesson for Digital Hearing Aids Beginners


Welcome to the digital hearing aids world, here new elevations are changing the world of the hearing impaired day by day. Read below to know the working of hearing aids, some of the different hearing aids available to you, and where you can discover the best hearing aids for your unique challenges. Check the interesting points about hearing aids below.

These are like mini computers. It hears sound and automatically adjust the way the wearer hears that sound by amplifying it. The program inside these hearing aids is designed generally for the wearer to allow for the best fit possible.

Digital hearing aids vary universally. These can be programmed to sense slow, medium and louder sounds in a different way. Lets take an example, these digital hearing aid may be programmed in such a way that soft sounds are amplified while loud sounds stay at nearly the same frequency. Due to which, a person is able to hear the way a non-aid wearing person does. Digital hearing aids user can easily control the program of the hearing aid. After all, the user is the person who better know what she or he needs in terms of assistance. Therefore, some aids have switches or buttons for this purpose. Wearer also has the options to control the volume. Many computer software’s are also used to figure out the exact settings which are best programmed on the aid. An audiologist will look at your results and decide how to program your hearing aid so that it best meets your needs.

Listen to the audiologist very carefully when he/she describes best way to use your hearing aid. An audiologist has specifically calibrated your aid so that it eradicates your hearing challenges. Listen to these professionals advice can optimize your hearing aid experience. As there are so many settings on a hearing aid (depending on the type of hearing loss) it is in your best interest to take notes. And at the end for better usage don’t forget to ask questions.