What is IFTTT?

“If This Then That”  is a third-party service that automates how your hearing aids, home devices, apps, and websites work with each other through rules (or “recipes”).

Do I need to register with Oticon?

Yes. In order for your hearing aids and your ON app to connect you to IFTTT you need to create an Oticon IFTTT channel.

What kind of personal data are you storing?

We do not store any kind of personal data,. The only data which is used with regards to IFTTT is the triggers and actions you can see in your IFTTT account.

Do I have to pay?

No. Aside from the use of your Internet Connection there is no cost associated with the Oticon IFTTT channel. There is no cost/fee for using the IFTTT service.

Why did you make the Oticon IFTTT channel?

We believe that the “Internet of things”, the integration of products and services, will have great value for many people in the future. For us it is only natural to complement our premium hearing care solutions with this technology so that users may experiment and in time inspire us to make even greater solutions.

How do I make a recipe or “applet”?

It is pretty straightforward. You log into IFTTT and select “Create a recipe”. Please find inspiration and guides here.

Do I need to register with IFTTT?

Yes. You need to have an IFTTT account, and an Oticon IFTTT channel to get started.

How do I make an Oticon IFTTT channel?

Once you have installed the Oticon ON app, select the IF section and select “get started”.  From there you will be guided to creating your Oticon IFTTT channel user.

Is it safe?

Yes. You decide what happens to your hearing solution. It is your personal system with your personal channel.

Can other people control my hearing aid?

Not directly. But if you make a recipe which is affected by other events in the house, such as turning on the TV, that will control your hearing aid.

Does this work on Android and iOS?

All actions and triggers work on both platforms except the action to read out text. This is for now only available on iOS. Thus, it is not possible to stream/transmit audio from an Android smartphone directly to Oticon Opn hearing aids (or any other hearing aids available today)

Will you add more triggers and actions?

Definitely. One of the reasons for this project is to engage our users in defining the future for these types of solutions.

Which triggers do you support?

For now we support: battery low, program change, connection established, connection lost, volume, program change, mute.

Which actions do you support?

For now we support: Set a program, increase volume, decrease volume and “play text to speech” (the latter only with the iOS app).

Which other services can I use with Oticon?

The list continues to grow. Please see the overview of all channels on IFTTT: here

Do I really need this?

Not really in terms of using the Oticon Opn hearing aids. But in terms of experimenting and finding new, convenient and effective ways of using your hearing aids in everyday situations, you might find something that you benefit from.

How long does it take to get started?

Not long. If you are used to accustomed to using the internet it takes less than half an hour to make a simple test recipe. Please check these two basic examples: example 1 and example 2

Will this drain my Hearing Aid batteries?

No. The information used in the Oticon channel is already available in the App, so it requires no additional power from the hearing aids to use IFTTT.

Can I stop it?

Yes. In the ON App you can turn of IFTTT (and back on again).

Can others see my recipes?

No. Your IFTTT account is personal.

What if it doesn't work?

We can’t guarantee that it will always work since this depends on many factors, such as internet connections, other services etc.

How reliable is it?

It is as reliable as any other internet services. We recommend using IFTTT for convenience and entertainment purposes.

Which hearing aids can I use with IFTTT?

Right now, the only hearing aid on the market which can be used with IFTTT is Oticon Opn.

Is there a limit to what I can do?

Yes and no. There is a limit defined by the actions and triggers in the Oticon channel. But at the same time there is almost no limit to the number of combinations of services and recipes you can make.

What if we both use hearing aids?

Your hearing aids and your Oticon IFTTT channel are personal. However, you can make a wide range of recipes where you can integrate and share services. Get started here.

Can others hack into my hearing aids?

The system is as safe as your login information. All your user information is well protected and safe. We cannot give any guarantees beyond our Oticon Channel and kindly refer you to IFTTT and the other services you may use for more information.

What if my hearing aids needs replacing?

That is not a problem. Once paired with your phone, ON App ensures that you can continue to use IFTTT.

What if I get new hearing aids?

As long as they are Oticon Opn hearing aids that is not a problem. No other hearing aids will work with IFTTT.