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Making it simpler to help children with hearing problems achieve their full-potential. Oticon hearing aids makes a contribution by developing really child-friendly solutions. The requirements of the child and family drive our inventionl. So, our solutions are as complex as can be – but they’re also practical and remarkably simple to use. Technology is only part of the solution when children are concerned. We try to give children the support tools they need to make sure that the early years of the youngsters in their care are as successful and as rewarding as possible. That’s what is “Oticon child friendly hearing care” is all about.

Do you ever get confused about where sounds are coming from? Or feel that they are jumbled up, rather than easy to recognize? If so, your hearing instruments may not be doing enough for you With Oticon Epoq two hearing devices can communicate with each other wirelessly in a way that supports the natural interaction between ears and the brain. The difference this makes is astounding.

With Dual, your clients no longer have to choose between performance and size. With its appealing design and impressive, near natural sound quality, Dual combines the best of two worlds.