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Oticon HIT

When you have a hearing loss, everyday life is full of challenges

. Your TV or radio might be difficult to hear, and you might not hear your door bell ringing or someone talking to you from another room.
With Oticon Hit, everyday situations become more manageable. You’ll no longer have to turn the TV up to a level that annoys your companions. And talking on the phone will be enjoyable again.
The digital technology inside Oticon Hit will make your world sound clear and bright. It makes speech stand out from background noise, so you’ll find it easier to focus on what people are saying.
A better deal
Oticon Hit is designed for cost conscious people who are looking for a safe and easy solution. Based on proven features Hit offers your hearing a better deal:

  • Clear and comfortable sound
  • Better speech understanding 
  • Less background noise
Oticon Hit comes in a wide selection of styles and options, making it easy to match your unique needs whether your hearing loss is mild or severe.

Receiver-in-the-ear (RITE)
This style has a transparent, ultra-thin sound wire linked to a speaker that sits comfortably inside your ear canal. The instrument itself is almost invisible behind the ear, which makes it easy to forget you’re even wearing it.
Hit comes in various BTE styles and offers a new style with increased power, that are discreet and elegant as well as a model with 220 hours of usage time.
ITE instruments sit inside your ear canal, so they almost disappear altogether. ITEs cover the whole range of hearing losses – from mild to profound.