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Oticon INO

The essence of hearing

Whether it’s precious moments spent with family, fruitful moments spent with friends or entertaining moments with music or movies, Oticon Ino’s clear and comfortable sound quality lets you enjoy more of the essential things in life.


Hear more details

Oticon Ino offers amazingly detailed sound quality. Speech comes through clearly, so conversing becomes less strenuous. Noisy sounds are kept well under control to keep you feeling comfortable. And whistling sounds are minimised so you and your companions can relax.


Feel more confident

 With a full line of in-the-ear and behind-the-ear styles to choose your hearing care professional should be able to find precisely the style that suits your hearing needs and personal taste, so you can feel confident all day long.


Get connected

 Oticon ConnectLine solution can help you hear better in more situations than ever. Whether it’s your TV, mobile phone or MP3 player, all you have to do is touch a button on the Streamer to enjoy clear and comfortable sound quality. And if you’re out dining with a friend, let them wear the ConnectLine Microphone. It will pick up their voice and send it clearly yet discreetly to both your ears.


Oticon Ino comes in a variety of styles suitable for hearing losses from mild to severe-to-profound.