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Phonak Accessories

Phonak AccessLine, with next generation wireless technology, offers outstanding control and communication options. An impressive collection of wireless accessories covering the complete range of needs will exceed your expectations.

Digital Wireless Accessories: It’s difficult to imagine life without TV, mobile phones, computers, satellite navigators, and a wide range of entertainment systems. Sophisticated wireless accessories such as iCom, Click’nTalk and Phonak TVLink provide users relaxed participation in all the important aspects of modern living.



The intuitive mobile phone link – Click’nTalk is the unique and clever solution for mobile phone users, combining best sound quality with convenient and intuitive use. No charging, no programming is required – just click and enjoy!   Read More..


  iCom – TVLink

iCom – the communication interface and Phonak TVLink: it’s all in the name
iCom connects wirelessly to telephones, MP3 players, FM, computers and more. The hearing systems functions as a wireless headset allowing the benefit of hands-free functionality. Multi-point technology allows the use of two phones in parallel. With Phonak TVLink, it is easy to connect the hearing system to the TV via Bluetooth. The unique StereoSound guarantees a perfect listening experience in unterference-free, digital quality.  Read More..

Remote controls

Easy manual control is an option that many users truly appreciate. Phonak offers a choice of remote controls, including the elegant, highly intuitive new Phonak PilotOne.


  Phonak PilotOne

PilotOne focuses on the essentials when it comes to discreet control over the Spice Generation hearing instruments. This exclusive remote control was designed for maximum impact and ease of use. The clever simplicity and ergonomic design make it the most user-friendly remote control ever for the Spice Generation. Read More..




The command center for convenient control and status information – Having full control over hearing instruments at all times gives confidence in daily life. myPilot is an advanced remote control that offers one-touch binaural program and volume level control. The new menu with direct control makes myPilot the easiest command center.Read More..



Remote control functions built into a watch – Small and convenient control over volume and program. WatchPilot2 is available for a wide range of Phonak hearing instruments. Read More..



Smallest remote control to change program settings and volume – Small and convenient control over volume and program. KeyPilot2 is available for a wide range of Phonak hearing instruments.  Read More..



User-friendly remote control – Convenient control over volume and program. Direct access to all programs. Read More..