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Phonak FM Receivers



MRP (Indian Rupees))
watchPilot WatchPilot2 Gent White Remote control functions built into a watch – Small and convenient control over volume and program. WatchPilot2 is available for a wide range of Phonak hearing instruments. 57,000
soundpilot2 SoundPilot2 User-friendly remote control – convenient control over volume and program. Direct access to all programs. 16,750
keypilot2 KeyPilot2 Smallest remote control to change program settings and volume – Small and convenient control over volume and program. KeyPilot2 is available for a wide range of Phonak hearing instruments 12,100

Digital Wireless Accessories

icom-digital iCom

iCom offers the most convenient way to interface most of the Phonak CORE hearing instrument (excl. Petite models) to modern communication devices. The binaural StereoSound  digital transmission is extremely robust against any sort of interference. It wirelessly connects the hearing instruments to Bluetooth devices or phones and also offers a 3.5mm stereo jack for cabled connections and can integrate an FM receiver via europlug. Incoming signals are prioitized automatically switch to the individual iCom hearing programs. The large central button makes sure you can easily accept and reject a call or stop and start streaming audio.

mypilot myPilot The command center for convenient control and status information – Having full control over hearing instruments at all times gives confidence in daily life. myPilot is an advanced remote control that offers one-touch binaural program and volume level control. The new menu with direct control makes myPilot the easiest command center. 20,000
clickntalk Click’ n Talk

Click’nTalk is a wireless transmitter for mobile phones and turns hearing instruments into a wireless headset. Using the phonak HiBAN (Hearing instrument Body Area Network) link, Click’nTalk streams phone calls in digital quality to both hearing instruments simultaneiusly. 

icube iCube

Cable free fitting device, Programming side indicator, On/Off button, Mini USB connect


TV link

With Phonak TVLink, it is easy to connect the hearing system wirelessly to the TV via Bluetooth The unique Stereo Sound guarantees an  unmatched listening experience, perfectly adapting the TV sound to each individual hearing loss and users are still aware what happens around them. Easy installation even for inexperienced end customers and no need the remove the hearing instruments for TV watching.