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Intuis 2 BTE


Intuis 2 BTE siemens hearing aid is the simple solution for a reliable, clear, and comfortable listening experience.



Intuis 2 offers:

  • Ergonomic, discreet design for a comfortable fit
  • Reliable performance over a long service life thanks to its rugged design
  • Nanocoated housing for unique protection from moisture, sweat, dust, and dirt
  • Directional microphones that help improve speech understanding in noisy listening situations by focusing on the person talking to you from in the front while reducing sounds from other directions
  • Protective membranes that repel dirt and moisture to protect the microphones
  • Hearing instrument settings that are individually adjustable according to the listening situation
  • Convenient controls for easy handling
  • Feedback cancellation to prevent bothersome whistling noises
  • Built-in Telecoil for select models
  • An optional audio shoe for select models