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Orion 2 ITE


Tailor-made solutions to fit your life: Orion 2 offers a host of practical features including wireless connectivity for audio streaming and remote control options.



Orion 2 custom hearing aids offer individual, comfortable hearing:

  • Available in three tailor-made models with an ergonomic design for a perfect fit:
    • ITE (in-the-ear)
    • ITC (in-the-canal)
    • CIC (completely-in-canal)
  • The custom fit ensures a high level of wearing comfort
  • Enhanced technology lets your Hearing Care Professional customize the settings to give you individual sound
  • Orion 2’s microphones focus on sound from in front of you while reducing noise from other directions, helping you to concentrate on your conversation partner
  • Excellent feedback cancellation prevents bothersome whistling noises
  • Wireless connectivity for audio streaming via the easyTek and the use of remote controls for simple and discreet manual adjustments e. g. via the touchControl App on your smartphone
  • Vent ensures ventilation to the ear and enhances wearing and listening comfort
  • Select models include convenient controls for easy adjustments
    • Program change button to switch easily between settings for different listening situations
    • Rotary volume control for spontaneous manual adjustment of volume settings
  • Orion 2’s tinnitus masker can relieve the symptoms of tinnitus and improve your hearing at the same time
  • Select models include a Telecoil option