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Siemens Accessories

Siemens hearing aid wearer needs to make their experience easier. Remote controls, hearing aid chargers, and kits for children. Accessories designed to fit the lifestyle of today’s hearing aid wearer are here. Convenience, comfort, education


Tek Bluetooth Wireless Hearing Aid Remote Control System

Tek enables our advanced hearing aids to connect to TV, cell phones, and more with Bluetooth wireless technology.  Read More..


ProPocket Hearing Aid Remote Control

ProPocket helps you operate features and programs of your hearing aid.  Read More..


Hearing Aid eCharger

No more hassle of changing batteries. Consider a hearing aid recharger for select hearing aids. Read More..


ePocket Hearing Aid Remote Control

ePocket is a bi-directional remote that supports many Siemens hearing aids. It’s convenient and easy to use. Read More..


ePen Hearing Aid Remote Control

Remote Control The ePen remote control is stylish, sleek and discreet for those who want to hide their hearing aid remote. Read More..