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Siemens Centra


The Centra family of hearing instruments is packed with premium and time-tested features that provide a natural, comfortable, and personal hearing experience.

Centra Active is water-resistant, rechargeable, and offers advanced hearing technology – all in a small design that’s easy to wear. 


From the water resistant and rechargeable CENTRA Active to the full line of custom models, every CENTRA instrument comes packed with premium features.

SoundSmoothing™ – The Fastest Response to Transient Noise for the best hearing comfort.

Unexpected impulsive sounds like breaking glass, rustling paper, and clanging dishes can be disturbing for hearing instrument wearers. To tackle this problem, Siemens developed the world’s first transient noise suppression technology: SoundSmoothing. The industry’s proven, most effective transient noise suppression system, SoundSmoothing automatically detects and responds to transient noises almost 400 times faster than competitive systems.

• 16-channel processing – Maximum fitting flexibility and versatility

DataLearning™ — actually learns the wearer’s volume preferences for each hearing program and automatically adjusts allowing easier use and less manual adjustment

Data logging – Logs relevant usage data for faster fittings and less follow up visits

e2e wireless™ — creates a binaural hearing experience including more precise sound localization, synchronized volume & program settings

• Feedback cancellation — eliminates embarrassing and annoying feedback whistling quickly

Speech and noise management — reduces distracting background noise for improved hearing comfort without compromising speech clarity

Automatic and multichannel adaptive directional microphone system — Proven to improve speech clarity in noisy situations, helps reduce background noise and lets you focus on the important conversation you want to hear

eWindScreen™ — helps you once again enjoy outdoor activity by reducing bothersome wind noise

AutoPhone™ — Makes taking calls easier by automatically engaging a dedicated telephone program during phone use