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Siemens Classic Nitro


One small instrument for hearing, one big advantage for people with severe hearing loss. 

If you have severe hearing loss, you may have been told that custom hearing instruments aren’t for you. Simply put, custom aids have never been powerful enough to meet the needs of people with severe hearing loss. Until now.

Brains to go with the brawn.

While NITRO packs up to 70 decibels of gain into a tiny package, it has more to offer than just out-of-this-world power. NITRO customs also have a variety of features that will enhance your listening experience.
• Feedback Cancellation — Provides a more pleasant listening environment by eliminating or reducing feedback sounds (whistling).
• Data logging — Records important data that your Hearing Care Professional can use to better fine-tune your instrument.
• Noise reduction — Reduces steady-state noises such as cars and fans, and makes listening more effortless.
• Optional push button — Access multiple programs for optimum hearing in a variety of situations

Hearing technology has finally caught up to your needs. NITRO offers the power of Behind-the-Ear hearing instruments, but in a much smaller package that fits entirely in the ear. People will notice that you’re hearing better and nothing else.

NITRO custom power solutions

• Noise Reduction – Automatically reduces distracting background noise for greater comfort in noisy environments
• SoundSmoothing (NITRO 16 only) – reduces sudden transient sounds like rustling paper or breaking glass for greater listening comfort
• Microphone noise reduction – Works to reduce circuit noise in the hearing aid for a pleasant and quiet listening
• Phase cancellation feedback reduction – reduces or eliminates embarrassing feedback whistling
• Available in a wide array of custom styles