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Siemens Explorer


Siemens Explorer. Made for the magic of childhood.

The purr of a cat. The crunch of grass beneath little feet. The soothing rhythm of a bedtime story. Every sound teaches children something new about life. Let’s make sure they enjoy every decibel of it.

Children with hearing loss have very different needs than adults. Children need to hear different types of sounds in order to properly develop speech and language skills. They have changing needs in social environments and classroom settings. They also need hearing instruments that can withstand all the rigors of their active lifestyles in a durable and safe design that’s easy to use and fun to wear.

Siemens Explorer is the only hearing instrument family that was designed exclusively for children. Incorporating cutting-edge technology based on the latest pediatric hearing research with time-tested features and design mean Siemens Explorer is ready to meet all the demands of childhood, from birth to adolescence.

The only hearing instrument designed with children’s needs in mind

Siemens Explorer combines technology that’s proven by the latest in pediatric hearing research with a choice of two durable BTE design that’s safe, easy to use, and fun to wear.

Siemens Explorer 500 M and 500 P are the perfect fit for small ears, and are packed with sophisticated features designed to help kids learn about their world. They are exceptionally versatile, and can be easily adapted to the changing social and educational challenges that children face at different ages. Siemens Explorer is ready for the rough and tumble world of childhood. Equipped with a host of safety features, it’s not only full of best-in-class technology, it’s one of the safest hearing solutions available for children. Rounded push buttons are hard for babies to break or bite off. Baby safe battery doors are impossible for babies to tamper with, but easy for parents and caregivers to control. A special nanocoating on the outside of the hearing aid is designed to repel dirt, moisture, and other debris before it can do damage to delicate instrument components. Siemens Explorer is compatible with all commercially available FM systems so children can excel both in and out of the classroom.