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The INTUIS family of products blends value features with comfortable styles that are perfect for many types of wearers. From durable and reliable BTE hearing aid models to attractive custom styles, INTUIS suits those wearers that require a basic technology with an affordable price.

Affordability doesn’t have to mean compromising on time-tested hearing technology. The INTUIS family is versatile, flexible, and well-equipped to suit basic listening needs like small gatherings with friends, movies at home, and dinner with family.

Features and benefits

• Noise Reduction – Automatically reduces distracting background noise for greater comfort in noisy environments
• Basic directional microphone systems – Works to control background noise in complex listening situations
• Phase cancellation feedback reduction – reduces or eliminates embarrassing feedback whistling
• 4-channel signal processing for flexibility and easy fitting
• Available in a wide array of custom and BTE styles
• Affordable pricing to meet the needs of the budget-conscious wearer