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Be yourself. Be on the go. Be in Motion.

An afternoon with friends. Time in the garden. An evening at home with a favorite movie. Whatever you love to do, you’re too busy enjoying life to let a hearing loss get in your way. That’s why we developed Siemens Motion. It’s an easy, comfortable solution you can put on and forget about. With all the technology you need to stay connected to your world, Siemens Motion won’t slow you down.

Easy does it.

Convenience. That’s why Siemens created Motion. Motion is fully automatic, so even in complex listening environments there’s no need to change programs or adjust volume settings. Designed for wearers with mild through severe hearing loss, Motion is available in many styles and four performance levels to meet the diverse needs of wearers. All Motion BTE models are rechargeable so you can say ‘goodbye’ to battery hassles.

Motion offers the most advanced programming to provide unparalleled hearing performance. Equipped with the latest technology, easy and comfortable to wear, and fully automatic for easy operation, Motion is a perfect reflection of Siemens commitment to make every hearing solution as individual as the person who wears it. 



Anywhere, Anytime Access to Technology.

Motion is perfect for wearers who enjoy watching TV or listening to music. Motion 700, 500, and 300 models, including CIC configurations, are fully compatible with Tek, our optional wireless enhancement system. Tek lets wearers wirelessly connect to their favorite audio devices through a dedicated remote – Tek Connect. They can stream audio from televisions, MP3 players, or other audio sources directly to their Motion instruments in stereo with no audible delay. With Tek Connect, they can even connects wirelessly to their Bluetooth® enabled mobile phones.

    Motion technology won’t slow you down.

Motion hearing solutions are all about comfort, convenience, versatility and easy listening. Innovative hearing technology from Siemens makes it easy to focus on enjoying life without letting a hearing loss get in the way.

Motion hearing instruments are available in attractive styles for every preference and four technology performance levels. Motion can meet the demands of wearers with most any hearing loss, budget, and style preference.

All Motion BTE models are rechargeable. Enjoy the peace of mind that always having a fresh hearing aid battery can provide. Charging both instruments overnight means they’ll be ready to go all day and evening, regardless of what the day brings. Easy, convenient, and hassle-free is what Motion is all about.