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Siemens Nitro


The punch line of a good joke. The right answer to an important question. The first few notes of your favorite song. Sound adds meaning, emotion, and beauty to our lives. Every decibel is a source of strength.

The Siemens Nitro gives you back that power, and much more. It’s designed especially for people with severe hearing loss. Nitro combines strength and power with state-of-the art hearing technology in two performance levels to accommodate a diverse group of wearers.

The power of connections Anywhere, Anytime Access to Technology.

Nitro is perfect for wearers who enjoy watching TV or listening to music. Nitro 700 and Nitro 300 BTE’s are fully compatible with Tek, our optional wireless enhancement system. Tek lets wearers wirelessly connect to their favorite audio devices through a dedicated remote – Tek Connect. They can stream audio from televisions, MP3 players, or other audio sources directly to their Nitro instruments in stereo with no audible delay. With Tek Connect, they can even connect wirelessly to their Bluetooth® wireless technology enabled mobile phones.

The super power instruments that empower, connect, and understand you.

Nitro BTE hearing solutions pack an amazing amount of power and intelligent hearing technology into an attractive and comfortable housing so you can just enjoy listening. From the buzz of a busy Monday morning at the office to the harmony of a peaceful Sunday at the park, see how Nitro can help you capture every precious decibel.

Features may vary depending on performance level, so ask your Audiologist or Hearing Care Professional which NITRO BTE’s are right for you.

• SoundBrilliance (available in Nitro 700) – Enhances your perception of high frequency sounds for a fuller and richer listening experience, especially for music
• FeedbackBlocker – Automatically detects and reduces or eliminates embarrassing feedback whistling quickly and effectively
• Automatic Direct Audio Input – connects to FM systems for easier listening in classrooms or other difficult environments
• e2e Wireless 2.0 – Provides true binaural listening by synchronizing advanced signal processing, controlling both instruments simulataneously, and providing better left to right sound localization
• TruEar (available in Nitro 700) – Simulates natural ear acoustics for better back to front localization of sound
• SoundSmoothing – This industry-best innovation softens startling impulse sounds such as rustling paper or breaking glass for more comfortable listening
• SoundLearning (available in Nitro 700) – Smart feature that learns and applies individual volume preferences as well as preferences for loud and soft sounds meaning less manual adjustments
• Advanced Speech and Noise Management – Automatically reduces distracting background noise for greater comfort in noisy environments
• eWindscreen – reduces bothersome wind noise so you can fully enjoy your favorite outdoor activities
• Advanced directional microphone systems – Clinically proven to help improve speech understanding in challenging situations such as lively cocktail parties with friends
• Data Logging – Logs relevant usage data so your Audiologist or Hearing Care Professional can fit you more quickly and efficiently, meaning less follow up office visits