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Siemens Pure 701

Siemens-PURE Pure is ultra small but full of sophisticated technology to ensure natural sound quality and an unmatched, intuitive listening experience. And now, select Pure instruments are available with our latest innovation – BestSound Technology – the result of our 130-year heritage in developing hearing aids.It hides, you shine. Designed for utmost discretion, Pure packs the most advanced hearing technology into an almost invisible, ultra-small size.
Available in four performance levels and in the smallest possible rechargeable RIC (Receiver-in-Canal) configuration. Pure is perfect for those who don’t want to be defined by their hearing loss. Its price/ cost range is Rs 59,990 to Rs 1,69,990 (INR).It’s tiny, but it’s mighty. With the flexibility of four different power levels, Pure has been perfectly engineered to give you exactly the strength you need, whether your hearing loss is mild or moderately severe.  Pure is all about you. Available in an array of natural hair colors and skin tones, Pure blends in perfectly, so you’re the one who stands out. With a choice of configurations, program options, fits, and colors, Pure puts you in control. 
Discreet Pure RIC BTE instruments are fit with ultra-thin receiver tubes and tips, for an open and unoccluded fit and the most natural sound quality.Pure’s features vary depending on performance level, so ask Audiologist or Hearing Care Professional which Pure instruments are right for you.• No more daily battery hassles, all Pure instruments are rechargeable

• Fuller and richer sound, especially for music with SoundBrilliance

• Better speech intelligibility even in low-noise situations thanks to Soft Level Directivity

• Reduced hearing aid adjustments with SoundLearning

• True binaural listening and easier control with e2e wireless 2.0

• Find the source of sounds more easily with TruEar

• Soften startling impulse sounds such as rustling paper or breaking glass thanks to industry-leading SoundSmoothing

• Comfort in noisy environments with Advanced Speech and Noise Management

• Enjoy your favorite outdoor activities even on a windy day with eWindScreen

• Clinically proven to improve speech understanding in noise, advanced directional microphone systems will help you enjoy lively social situations once again

Siemens BestSound Technology is clinically proven to give your patients the best hearing experience.

FeedbackStopper is the only feedback management system clinically proven to be the best at stopping feedback and gives your patients nearly a 20% boost over the best competitor in whistle-free, real-ear insertion gain.

SoundLearning 2.0 is the only trainable hearing system that’s clinically proven to improve sound quality and learns comfortable-loudness preference in 90% of all situations.

SpeechFocus provides the best clarity no matter where speech is coming from with a clinically proven 40% improvement in intelligibility when speech comes from behind.