Your new Signia hearing aids allow you to experience more than the best hearing aid technology. You will also receive the gold standard in support through guided assistance, personal progress monitoring, and CareChat communication with your hearing care professional, wherever and whenever you need.

Hearing success made simple

The myHearing App provides you with all the support tools you and your hearing care professional need to guide you through a successful trial. Reduce the need for in-person appointments for minor adjustments and become an experienced hearing aid wearer in as little time as possible.

In just 10 minutes a day, the myHearing App helps you:

  • Learn about your hearing aids so you become familiar with them more quickly.
  • Provide feedback on your experience for better individualization.
  • Communicate with your hearing care professional via text, voice, or video CareChat for a new standard in personal support.

My Hearing Success: Get the most out of your new hearing aids quickly.

  • Rate your new hearing aids’ performance across a range of tasks to make sure they’re working for you.
  • Let your hearing care professional see your feedback to optimize the settings.
  • Learn at your own pace via the myHearing App so you get all the information you need about your new hearing aids.