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Tandem Unitron Hearing Aids

Many individuals living with no useable hearing in one ear mistakenly believe that nothing can be done to improve their situation.

  There is a solution — Tandem

Tandem is a new CROS/BiCROS hearing instrument designed to overcome the difficulties associated with hearing in only one ear. The system picks up sounds on your poor ear side and transfers them to your better ear. Should you have hearing loss in your better ear, Tandem will also help you hear more of what is occurring on your better side.

  The choice is yours

Tandem offers you the choice of two technology levels—Tandem 16 and Tandem 4—each providing a unique mix of impressive features designed to increase your confidence and freedom

Key Features are:

  • Enhanced ability to participate more fully in conversations

  • Greater awareness of your name being called with the opportunity to respond

  • Improved perception of warning signals originating from your poor ear side

  • Increased confidence when attending social functions

  • Freedom to go where you’d like with the knowledge that you will not miss out

  • Hear sounds originating on your poor ear side without turning your head