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Widex More Hearing Aid Series

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Bravissimo provides a natural and stable sound picture and listening comfort using 3 band and 3 channel sound processing


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Bravo offers the user good speech reproduction, very natural sound and good listening comfort – all at a sensible price

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Senso P

The signal processing is not quite as refined as in the Senso+ series, and the price of a Senso P hearing aid is correspondingly lower.

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Senso Diva

Senso Diva is a 100% digital, fully automatic hearing aid, which continuously adjust to the user’s listening environment.


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Senso Vita

Senso Vita is a hearing aid solution that puts the user in focus by being adaptable to individual requirements.

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Senso+ hearing aids are fully automatic and 100% digital. The user does not have to make any adjustments themselves to obtain good sound and speech reproduction.