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Widex Passion


With the Passion series, Widex introduces the smallest Receiver-In-Canal (RIC) hearing instruments. The housings are incredibly small and discreet, as well as comfortable to wear.

Passion is suitable for mild, moderate and severe hearing losses. Passion can also be tailored to most hearing loss configurations. In the case of mild hearing loss, an open fitting will provide extra comfort.

If you want to learn about its three fitting possibilities, please visit the Passion campaign site and look under “Innovation”.

Selection of colours

Passion™ hearing instruments are available in a luxurious selection of 12 top shell colours with genuine gold and platinum detailing that complements its elegant form. With a Passion instrument, you get the option of a customised design from a selection of 24 colour combinations.

Even the tiny microphone grid can be personalised. Two grids, platinum and gold, are available and the platinum grid is included with each hearing instrument.

Three Passion models

There are three Passion models: PA-115. PA-110 and PA-105. The models are all similar in design and fit the same ranges of hearing loss. Also, the models are based on the same technological platform but while PA-105 processes sound in 5 channels, PA-110 has sound processing in 10 channels and PA-115 in 15 channels. The number of channels that suits you depends on your communication needs.

The RC3 remote control is available with both PA-115 and PA-11