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Yuu Unitron Hearing Aids

Yuu is a premium, interactive hearing instrument that automatically adapts to your hearing needs. Yuu automatically adjusts to provide:

  • exceptional sound quality
  • clear, effortless listening
  • no need for manual program changes

Features in brief:

  • As listening situations change, your Yuu interactive hearing system automatically adjusts to provide exceptional sound quality and clear, effortless listening, with no need for manual program changes.

  • With traditional hearing instruments, the only way to refine your listening experience is by adjusting your volume. Yuu allows so much more precision, enabling you to enhance the clarity and volume of speech while minimizing background noise.

  • Each time you make a personal adjustment you’re gradually teaching Yuu your listening preferences in different listening situations. And with the learn Now feature, available exclusively with Smart Control, you can make this teaching process happen instantly.