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ALPS Hearing Aids

Alp’s hearing aids’ consistent goal is to provide customers with products, technical support and back up of unrivalled excellence. Our close association of manufacturers around the world gives you an advantage in offering value and user satisfaction. Alps provide a wealth of expertise. Alps manufactures state of the art, world class digital hearing instruments, which are available from basic 2 channel digitals to 128 channel noise reduction systems and much more.

The Alps support team is full of experienced professionals who are always on hand to demonstrate and advice on the most appropriate products to suit their patients’ needs. The combination of expertise in hearing technology and a strong cooperative with hearing healthcare professionals allows Alps to make a substantial improvement in the quality of life of individuals with hearing impairment. It produces the very best hearing machines.

Alps hearing machines are developed using only the latest design technology and are designed to fit just any lifestyle and hearing loss. Alps hearing Aids products include:  High resolution digital hearing aids, Multichannel digital hearing aids, Trimmer based hearing aids, Analog compact Aids, Body worn hearing aids.

Our amazing models include:

  • Alps Dyana
  • Alps Karizma
  • Alps Sixth Sense
  • Alps Erika
  • Space
  • Alps Din
  • Alps din CIC
  • Din Power
  • Alps DH + BTE
  • Alps Dh +ITC/ CIC
  • DH Power
  • Digihear extra BTE
  • Digihear extra (CIC/ITC)
  • DHX Power BTE

Alps manufactures hearing aids from all segments of people. This is reflected in Alps hearing aids  price list. A comprehensive price list is available from Alps so you can make an informed decision about the model that suits you best.