Hearing Aids Delhi


Phonak Hearing Aids

ModelType Battery Size Channel GainFitting Range Total ProgramMRP (INR)
Virto Q 90 nano ITC10 20 S=46 M=50 0-85 5+7+0 2,54,000
Bolero Q 90 M(IP 67) BTE1320 670-95 5+7+# 2,38,000
Bolero Q 90 SP BTE1320 750-120 5+7+# 2,38,000
Bolero Q 90 P BTE1320 710-110 5+7+# 2,38,000
Naida Q 90 UP BTE67520 8530-120 5+7+# 2,03,000

Oticon Hearing Aid

Family Description Fitting Bands Fitting rangeBatteryMRP(INR)
Swift Swift 70 BTE AFC8013/270 Rs 9,800
GO PRO GO PRO CIC 485312/145 Rs 17,500
TEGOTEGO D BTE VC 49013/220 Rs 30,000
GETGET CIC 48010/100 Rs 27,000
HIT HIT D ITC 485312/140 Rs 40,000

Siemens Hearing Aid Price List

Pocket Models MRP (INR)
VITA 118 2290.00
Pockettio MP 3790.00
BTE Touching 6990.00
LOTUS 12 P BTE 7390.00
ITC LOTUS 23 12990.00

Bernafone Hearing aid Price List

ModelTypeFitting Range Battery Size MRP(INR)
CN 9 ITCPD I.T.C.Power (Dual Mic) 100 dB 312 2,00,000/-
VR 9 ITCD I.T.C(Dual Mic) 80 dB 312 2,00,000/-
VERITE 9 R.I.T.E(Power Speaker) 100 dB312 1,85,000/-
IN 3 CIC P C.I.C(Power) 95 dB1040,000/-
IN 1 CPx B.T.E.(Compact Power) 110 dB 13 30,000/-

Widex Hearing Aid Price List

Model TypeBattery Size Max. BatteryLife(In hrs) Fitting
Bravo B2 BTE 1337520-80dBHL 2channels , 2bands 13000.00
Bravissimo BV-8 BTE 13450 20-80dBHL Advance entry level Digital Hearing Aids 20000.00
Real RE-9 BTE 1337010-90 dBHL Latest technological development with Integrated signal processing , 30000.00
Bravo B32 High Power BTE 675500 50 – 120 dB HL Bravo B2 Seriers Features 20,000.00
Flash FL-CIC CIC101200-75 dB HL programmed upto 10KHZ in RIC 40000.00

ALPS Hearing Aid Price List

ALPS DIN 9,500
ALPS DIN Power BTE 13,500
ALPS DH+BTE 19,800

Starkey Hearing Aid Price List

Wi Series i110 CIC / ITC / ITE0 – 90 dB 100% Wireless, Designed for Vibrant Lifestyle, Optinium High-resolution sound imaging, Premium Binaural Spatial mapping, Synchronized User Adjustments, Binaural Telephone Mode, Premium Voce iQ2, T2 on Demand, Invision Directionality, PureWave Feedback Eliminator, Live Real Ear Measurement, Live 3D Speech mapping, Self Chek, SoundPoint, Swap Fit, Self Learning,Spectral iQ, Compatible with all SurfLink Accessories, iQ Boost Rs 217000
CIC / ITC / ITE Exp New 0 – 110 dB Rs 232000
RIC 0 – 90 dB Rs 213000
RIC AP 0 – 110 dB Rs 218000

GN Resound Hearing Aid Price List

ModelFeaturesFull-on Gain(dB/) (50 dB SPL Input) Max-output(dB/) (90 dB SPL Input) Battery Types Fitting Range CategoryMRP(INR)
VEA 3 80-DVI POWER BTE 7 Bands & 7 Channels WARP, 2 Environmental Programs + Telecoil +DAI, Adaptive Directionality, Soft switching, Fixed Directionality, Noise Tracker II, Dual Stabilizer II DFS with whistlecontrol, Auto Phone Detection: Phone Now, DataLogging, In-situ Audiometry 751401320-110 dB Mild to Profound Rs 35995
VEA 3 70-DVI BTE OPEN/CLASSIC 69 1331320-100 dB Mild to Profound
VEA 3 60-DI MINI BTE OPEN/CLASSIC 6313331220-90 dB Mild to Severe Rs 33995
VEA 3 30-DP ITC 6012731220-90 dB ild to Severe Rs 36995

Unitron Hearing Aid Price List

Model TypeBatery Size Output /Gain Range
Features MRP(INR)
BTE 13 123/52 0-80 2 Channels,Digital Audio Control,Preprogrammed Feedback Manager & Noise reduction,Telecoil ,Lever Volume Control,DAI,Low Battery Indicator & Power BTE (only Zeil+ has Telecoil & DAI program) 2 Channels,Digital Audio Control,Preprogrammed Feedback Manager & Noise reduction,Telecoil ,Lever Volume Control,DAI,Low Battery Indicator & Power BTE (only Zeil+ has Telecoil & DAI program)
Zeil P 13 133/65 0-100 2 Channels,Digital Audio Control,Preprogrammed Feedback Manager & Noise reduction,Telecoil ,Lever Volume Control,DAI,Low Battery Indicator & Power BTE (only Zeil+ has Telecoil & DAI program)
Zeil HP 675138/75 0-110 8,900
Zeil + 13 123/52 0-110 9,900
Zeil + P 13133/65 0-1009,900

What benefits you can get from Hearing Aids Delhi?

Hearing Aids Delhi is a platform for one such place where people with hearing issues can find an ideal solution. Welcoming the era of artificial intelligence and modern technology, you can get a better tomorrow and an intelligent today. Your hearing aid keeps you always ready to hear and experience the sounds around.

Quality of the sound matters

The quality of the listening and its experience evokes a real-time experience and timing for the people who need this help. This article aims to discuss certain imperative information which is regarded as one of the smartest hearing aid services. It intuitively helps people with difficulty to hear better from today onwards.

Superior speciality sound

The use of hearing aids for people with problems of hearing is affordable at quite economical rates. The new range of services provides you with a superior sound in a discreet. The custom-made devices are fit perfectly and are quite adorable at use. The ultimate comfort with optimal quality provides perfectly with the fitting in the ear as hearing aid. 

Buy custom-made hearing aids

You can easily afford to buy hearing aids after seeing a doctor with us. The customizable application of these hearing devices is built-in with the latest technology therefore they are highly in demand and also offer with clear sound quality. The connectivity can be made at any point and the battery is also long-lasting therefore the voice can be heard with clarity.

Artificial Intelligence

The hearing aids and the products use artificial intelligence and its technology so that they display the best quality of sounds compared to the other devices. After analyzing the real-life insights we have reached to the positive conclusion that with modern trending and technological measures we can be the best support system for the people who run the suffering for a longer period. 

Unique learning aids

If you are looking for the best hearing aids catch up with us at the official website where we are offering you with the extensive variety of hearing products and other product as well. This time it is an opportunity to explore the limits of the unique hearing aid with the barriers of what you can hear using a high-quality hearing aid for yourself. 

Smart Phonics hearing service

It might so happen that you are asking for the hearing aid for your grandpa or grandma who needs it urgently. Another invention of the hearing aid is the phonics hearing aid. It offers the users with the highest quality of the sounds. It is easy to use. Louder the sound, the softer the sound is. No barriers can create obstacles at your listening sounds. 

Share with us at hearing aid centre

If you are looking for a trusted and reliable hearing aid centre near you, here we are at your service. We have the best collection of professionals and research fellows who are working all day long for the users who are suffering from hearing issues. At this service centre, you can receive the best service that encourages people to contact us immediately for service. We are at your service at just a single phone call away. 

Know some tidbits about the service

When it comes to buy hearing machine and then it is better to visit the local hearing institute and see the experts. Through the best 4 steps of hearing only you can easily figure out that your treatment is going quite well. They enlist below:

Visit the hearing centre with us at your nearest location

  • Choose your hearing aids
  • Taking a quick tour about the quick and the painless examination for hearing
  • Meet your local professional so that he or she can do your examination and give the best results that you go with your age To avail the service much better, it is better to book your appointment much before so that you hardly need to sit and wait for long hours
  • Once booked, you can simply wait for your turn at some early numbers
  •  We run online hearing test and results are originated within 15 minutes of the test performed 
  •  If you feel you are having a hearing loss, you can simply take an online test so that you can easily access the results.
  • Clicking on the START button, you can easily take the test at your seat

Conversations start engaging

It is a wise decision if you kindly look forward to buy hearing machine at your service. Conversations at old age become more and more engaging. It will be like you are to experience the same hearing sounds that you used to have in your early years. Therefore you are advised to buy a trusted machine with the expertise to convey the hearing sounds. 

Browse for hearing machine online

If you are trying to gather some important information about hearing aid products, you can look around for a hearing machine online. This is a truly hands-free service. If it means more expediency for you, it means great service for us. We look forward to offering the best type of services which people are looking forward to achieving in affordable price ranges. 

Affordable and economical devices

You can avail the best hearing machine at affordable and economic cost once you book the service with us. Even the cost of seeing the professionals are highly economical thus it is best to book with us at the hearing aid centre. You can possess the best hearing machine that hardly sounds like a hearing machine at all. Today we at the services are trying to develop and overcome the sound buy hearing machine so that they do not display any artificial sound. 

Consult any of our best and professionals as a professionally renowned hearing aid consultant so that you do not have to move here and there for any advice. Simply run your quick eyes over our website pages and book any consultant that you are looking forward to. We promise you to bring about the surest and the most natural sound available. There is nothing artificial about it. 

Get Hearing Aids Online At Affordable Prices

If you have a hearing disability, you can overcome the hearing problems with these small wearable devices. Hearing aids help you to combat hearing disabilities and issues. We offer the best in class and highly trusted hearing aids, having an inbuilt speaker, amplifier, volume control option, superior sound quality, and microphone. People who have struggled with hearing disabilities have found our hearing aids are extremely helpful.  At Hearing Aids Delhi, our hearing aid prices include lots of other packages that are good for the long extent. We help you address your hearing loss and get vital improvements in your daily life. Before buying any of the hearing aids online, knowing hearing machine price cost from our website helps you choose the best one that suits your budget needs.

Buy hearing aids at pocket-friendly prices.

One-third of old aged people are struggling with hearing disabilities, and it may not be a serious problem if they are using hearing aids. With our cost-effective hearing aids, disabled people can hear what others say, listen to music, TV etc. Do you want to know the price of the top brand of hearing aids? We have a wide range of hearing aids available at our online store. You can check the best hearing aid rate prices online and ask us to know the price of your selected hearing aid.