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How to help school-going children with hearing impairment

School is a vital part of any kid’s life, however, children with hearing impairment find it difficult to experience it properly.

School helps build confidence, on the other hand education blooms it in a child. Whereas hearing impairment makes a child feel incomplete and left out amongst the class. Going to school with a hearing problem can be irritating, isolating, and ultimately unproductive, making a child feel incomplete.

Even for a teacher, it is difficult to teach a child with a hearing impairment. But every problem has a solution, and children with deafness need nothing but support to learn. This could come in the way of a child education plan.

Any kid with hearing loss needs to understand that if they have this problem that doesn’t mean they cannot learn or communicate. With the right support and treatment, a child could learn, communicate and get the same score as other kids of their age. A parent or teacher should always notice children’s behaviour problems, and immediately look out for support to help them.

Here are the ways to help a child with hearing impairment!

Immediate treatment

Many children get electronic hearing aids or some other devices like cochlear implants. Those devices go inside the inner part of the ear from where the brain processes the sounds. Most countries test hearing loss in children shortly after birth. This means they get fitted for hearing aids at just a couple of weeks old. Simply ask your child’s doctor to help you with a certified pediatric audiologist who can provide the right treatment.

Early intervention program

Many parents who have children with hearing problems don’t have the conditions themselves. Therefore, they need to learn a lot about how to live with and treat it. An early involvement program helps understand all the services you will need in the future.

Teacher’s responsibility

A teacher should go and ask a child with a hearing problem whether they understand everything and make sure they are not confused about the class. Even if they did not understand anything, the teacher should give them the assurance of helping them in another class.

Extra class

A school should put extra classes for the hearing loss students to boost their confidence and tell them that even if at some point they don’t understand anything, they are free to get in touch with the teachers directly. In any case they shouldn’t feel embarrassed or uncomfortable in the class.

Having friends

Schools should also make a session for normal students to tell them that children with hearing loss need more care and help than they do, make them feel responsible towards children with hearing loss so that they become friends with them and protect them from any discomfort while attending school. This also helps every child to become wise and develop a
good habit.

So these are the simple steps that can help parents and teachers to effectively help their children with hearing problems to study like normal students and lead a normal life.

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