Hearing Aids Delhi



World’s fastest sound processing technology : Widex Puresound, Two automatic programs with dedicated signal pathways : Puresound & Universal, Improved Widex fitting rationale : TruAcoustics 2.0 (New) , Third generation Machine Learning technology : My Sound (New) & Sound Sense Learn, State of the art preference (Volume) learning : SoundSense Adapt, Moment chipset with optimized battery life (New), Linear Input dynamic range upto 113dBSPL : True-Input technology (108dB IDR), Most protected & Smallest Lithium Ion Receiver In the Canal (RIC) hearing aid : mRIC R D, Dedicated Music and Speech streaming templates. 15 Processing channels, 15 Fine tuning channels, High Definition (HD) locator in 15 channels with Digital Pinna, 11 Inter Ear Sound classes, 5 listening program slots, Inter Ear Variable Speed Compression, Inter ear Real Time Speech Enhancer, Smart Wind Noise Manager, High Frequency Boost, Soft Level Noise Reduction, Trusound softener, TruSound Automatic Output Control, High resolution Sensogram, Sound Dairy, Audibility Extender (AE), Zen IE and ZEN + IE, Phone +, Sound Sense Learn and personal programs for phone calls and TV streaming (New), Direct Audio Streaming for IOS & Remote control functions for Android via Widex Moment App, Tonelink app & Dex Devices, Compatible with all Dex accessories including TV Play (New). New and improved Compass GPS 4.2

S.NoModelTypeBattery sizeMax Battery life(in hrs.)Fitting RangeMRP
1MBB2BTE 3123121550-95 dB HL3,15,000
2MBB3DBTE 13 D132350-105 dB HL3,15,000
3MRB0RIC 10101000-90 dB HL3,15,000
4MRB2DRIC 312 D3121650-115 dB HL3,20,000
5MRR2DmRIC R DLi-ion16-200-110 dB HL3,25,000
6M XPITC3121500-85 dB HL3,15,000
7M CICCIC101050-90 dB HL3,15,000
8M CIC MCIC Micro101100-90 dBHL3,15,000