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ReSound- Helpful hearing aid to lead a normal life
Resound well-designed range of hearing aids give you an additional hearing boost in complex situations and enhance the sound experience. Watching TV with family and friends, hearing someone in an overcrowded cafe, or communicating on a busy street are made much effortless to hear with our latest option.

Being a leading hearing aid retailer hearingaidsdelhi suggests ReSound hearing aids to its clients due to its innovative hearing techniques combined with unique thinking and solid technology. All these features are based on audiological insight and understanding of hearing device users. Due to ReSound smart hearing technology, people with hearing problems can connect, talk, and experience better.

We bring the latest ReSound hearing aids with novel technology for our clients across the world.

ReSound ONE
ReSound ONE introduces a new level of hearing device* that has a microphone and receiver positioned inside the ear, so one can gather the complete sound atmosphere just as intended nature.

Features ReSound ONE

Feel your own hearing
● M&RIE is the combination of two traditional microphones along with a third that fits in the ear canal to support patients hearing with more depth and direction.
● It helps to listen properly in any environment due to its directional microphone pattern that gives a patient the right position to hear what perfectly.
● Users can activate Ultra Focus for a potential combined directional structure from both hearing devices to emphasize the speech in front.

ReSound KEY
This hearing has a perfect feature for connecting patients to the world. It enriches senses again with sounds. ReSound Key introduces the latest feature that offers reliability and comfortability for great and improved hearing. It will give patients confidence and knowledge to develop with better hearing experiences.

Features ReSound KEY
● Help hearing with fewer efforts
● Easiest rechargeability use up to 30 hours on one charge
● Straight streaming from compatible hearing aids
● One easy app for offering patients satisfactory experiences

ReSound ENZO
ReSounf ENZO is the latest hearing device for severe and extreme hearing loss, it is created with the newest technology with the aim to serve clear and comfortable sound, moreover extensive connectivity as well as support. It takes a lot of effort trying to listen in loud places.

Hearing better in the loud places with ReSound ENZO gives the patient a wonderful experience. This will also help focus on speech along with hearing sounds from different directions.

Features ReSound ENZO
● Communicate or talk with confidence.
● Stream directly from both iOS and Android™ devices*
● Allows patient to connect to loop sound systems
● Amplified sounds are delivered straight to your hearing aids in public spaces, like live venues, lectures, museums, or theatres.

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