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Best Phonak Paradise devices one needs to know!
People are becoming active day by day, they need hearing aids that can by default support their lifestyle. Having the liberty to do and go wherever they desire, without having the limitations linked with a hearing problem, is supreme.

We’ve focused on this as an important area when making the new Phonak hearing aids. As the name recommends, we want patients to have hearing devices that enable them to feel at one with their atmosphere, regardless of where they are. People with hearing loss can rely on their hearing devices to automatically and perfectly do all the work for them.

With belong, incorporating rechargeable lithium batteries technology and the fresh AutoSense OS, we have made a simply outstanding way to ease the patients’ lives while providing an exceptional hearing experience.

Phonak Audeo P
With the latest technology launched Phonak Audeo P is the great solution for the wearer, with its intricate design, also enables a user hands-free call and voice support activation by just tapping on-ear, like Google, Siri, or Alexa. Phonak Audeo Paradise hearing device can connect up to 8 Bluetooth devices and a maximum of 2 active Bluetooth connections.

It is a rechargeable version, which takes just 90 mins to get charged and can be used approximately more than 20hrs. The device uses a technology of motion sensing, which is the latest ultra-low-power accelerometer that navigates when you move, adjusts the hearing device microphones, and noise cancellation settings. These features are made to improve easy to use for people suffering from hearing problems to make their life normal.

Phonak Bolero P
The device is nothing less than feeling free from the issues of disposable batteries with Phonak Bolero P- it is one of the fastest charging hearing devices. 95% of people rely completely on the automatic operating system. One can feel the goodness of unmatched hearing performance, wherever they go, without having to readjust the hearing device manually.

It also senses the surroundings and adjusts itself after every step accordingly. All one has to do is to turn them on, and rest the work they will do automatically.

Phonak Naida P
Mixing the latest hardware and with develop software, Phonak Naida P responds to individuals’ requirements in many different listening circumstances. New features include speech recognition, unique noise cancellation, motion sensor hearing, and many more. It connects straight to either iOS or Android smartphones or Bluetooth supportive devices.

One can enjoy hands-free calls and easy switching between two active hearing aids. With ‘My Phonak’ app one can personalize the hearing experience by fine-tuning voice settings.

Also, an individual can get real-time hearing device adjustments from their hearing care physician.

Phonak Paradise collection is nothing less than an effortless mode of hearing. If you are looking for changing your device consider the collection.

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