Hearing Aids Delhi


S.NoModelStyleFitting RangeMRP
1livioAIRIC0-110 dB3,49,000
2BTE0-105 dB3,49,000
3RIC R (RECHARGEABLE)0-110 dB3,59,000
4BTE R (RECHARGEABLE)0-105 dB3,59,000
5ITC R / ITE R (RECHARGEABLE)0-110 dB3,90,000
6livioAI 2000RIC0-110 dB2,30,000
7BTE0-105 dB2,30,000
8RIC R (RECHARGEABLE)0-110 dB2,40,000
9BTE R (RECHARGEABLE)0-105 dB2,40,000
10ITC R / ITE R (RECHARGEABLE)0-110 dB2,90,000
11livioAI 1600RIC0-110 dB1,55,000
12BTE0-105 dB1,55,000
13RIC R (RECHARGEABLE)0-110 dB1,65,000
14BTE R (RECHARGEABLE)0-105 dB1,65,000
15ITC R / ITE R (RECHARGEABLE)0-110 dB1,85,000
16livioAI 1200RIC0-110 dB80,500
17BTE0-105 dB80,500
18RIC R (RECHARGEABLE)0-110 dB85,500
19BTE R (RECHARGEABLE)0-105 dB85,500
20ITC R / ITE R (RECHARGEABLE)0-110 dB96,500
21livioAI 1000RIC0-110 dB47,500
22BTE0-105 dB47,500
23RIC R (RECHARGEABLE)0-110 dB52,500
24BTE R (RECHARGEABLE)0-105 dB52,500
25ITC R / ITE R (RECHARGEABLE)0-110 dB57,500
26livioTM 2400RIC0-110 dB2,25,000
27BTE0-105 dB2,25,000
28RIC R (RECHARGEABLE)0-110 dB2,35,000
29BTE R (RECHARGEABLE)0-105 dB2,35,000
30ITC R / ITE R (RECHARGEABLE)0-110 dB2,70,000
31livioTM 2000RIC0-110 dB1,80,000
32BTE0-105 dB1,80,000
33RIC R (RECHARGEABLE)0-110 dB1,90,000
34BTE R (RECHARGEABLE)0-105 dB1,90,000
35ITC R / ITE R (RECHARGEABLE)0-110 dB2,15,000
36livioTM 1600RIC0-110 dB1,25,000
37BTE0-105 dB1,25,000
38RIC R (RECHARGEABLE)0-110 dB1,35,000
39BTE R (RECHARGEABLE)0-105 dB1,35,000
40ITC R / ITE R (RECHARGEABLE)0-110 dB1,50,000
41livioTM 1200RIC0-110 dB70,000
42BTE0-105 dB70,000
43RIC R (RECHARGEABLE)0-110 dB75,000
44BTE R (RECHARGEABLE)0-105 dB75,000
45ITC R / ITE R (RECHARGEABLE)0-110 dB85,000
46livioTM 1000RIC0-110 dB39,900
47BTE0-105 dB39,900
48RIC R (RECHARGEABLE)0-110 dB44,900
49BTE R (RECHARGEABLE)0-105 dB44,900
50ITC R / ITE R (RECHARGEABLE)0-110 dB49,900
51livioTM 1000aRIC0-110 dB29,900
52BTE0-105 dB29,900
53RIC R (RECHARGEABLE)0-110 dB34,900
542.4 GHz AccessoriesTable MicrophoneUsers can enjoy group settings like family gatherings or noisy r estaurants. Eigh t built-in microphones detect the primary speaker’s voice and stream it to their 2.4 GHz hearing aids.27,900
55TVStream audio from a TV or other electronic audio source directly to Livio AI and Livio hearing aids. It offers excellent sound quality, is easy to use, and supports both analog and digital input sources.9,900
56Remote Microphone +9,900
57Mini Remote MicrophoneEnjoy one-on-one conversations in noisy environments with the small, easy-to-use Mini Remote Microphone. Clip it onto the clothing of the person you’re talking to or use it as a TV streamer by placing it near the speaker.8,900
58RemoteOur new remote includes updated features so patients can control memory and volume, mute their hearing aids and turn other special features on and off.8,900
59Mini Turbo Charger 3.5 hour charge in just 7 minutes
Fully charged Mini Turbo charger can charge a pair of hearing aids four times
S.NoModelChannelsStylePeak Gain (dB)Fitting RangeMRP
1Picasso i240024CIC/ITC/ITE51-710-110 dB2,89,900
224IIC45/51/54/640-110 dB3,49,000
3Picasso i200020CIC/ITC/ITE51-710-110 dB1,74,900
420IIC45/51/54/640-110 dB2,35,000
5Picasso i160016CIC/ITC/ITE51-710-110 dB1,09,900
616IIC45/51/54/640-110 dB1,45,000
7Picasso i120012CIC/ITC/ITE51-710-110 dB49,900
8Picasso i100010CIC/ITC/ITE51-710-110 dB35,900
9Picasso 240024CIC/ITC/ITE51-710-110 dB2,30,900
1024IIC45/51/54/640-110 dB2,80,000
11Picasso 200020CIC/ITC/ITE51-710-110 dB1,56,900
1220IIC45/51/54/640-110 dB1,80,000
13Picasso 160016CIC/ITC/ITE51-710-110 dB87,500
1416IIC45/51/54/640-110 dB95,000
15Picasso 120012CIC/ITC/ITE51-710-110 dB42,500
16Picasso 100010CIC/ITC/ITE51-710-110 dB30,000
17Muse iQ i240024CIC/ITC/ITE51-710-110 dB2,24,900
1824RIC63/70/810-110 dB2,24,900
1924BTE660-95 dB2,24,900
2024BTE P750-105 dB2,24,900
2124BTE PowerPlus *8420-120 dB2,24,900
22Muse iQ i200020CIC/ITC/ITE51-710-110 dB1,39,900
2320RIC63/70/810-110 dB1,39,900
2420BTE660-95 dB1,39,900
2520BTE P750-105 dB1,39,900
2620BTE PowerPlus *8420-120 dB1,39,900
27Muse iQ i160016CIC/ITC/ITE51-710-110 dB84,900
2816RIC63/70/810-110 dB84,900
2916BTE660-95 dB84,900
3016BTE P750-105 dB84,900
3116BTE PowerPlus *8420-120 dB84,900
32Muse iQ i120012CIC/ITC/ITE51-710-110 dB39,900
3312RIC63/70/810-110 dB39,900
3412BTE660-95 dB39,900
3512BTE P750-105 dB39,900
3612BTE PowerPlus *8420-120 dB39,900
37Muse iQ i100010CIC/ITC/ITE51-710-110 dB29,900
3810RIC63/70/810-110 dB29,900
3910BTE660-95 dB29,900
4010BTE P750-105 dB29,900
4110BTE PowerPlus *8420-120 dB29,900
42Muse i240024CIC/ITC/ITE51-710-110 dB1,99,900
4324RIC63/70/810-110 dB1,99,900
4424BTE660-95 dB1,99,900
4524BTE P750-105 dB1,99,900
46Muse i200020CIC/ITC/ITE51-710-110 dB1,14,900
4720RIC63/70/810-110 dB1,14,900
4820BTE660-95 dB1,14,900
4920BTE P750-105 dB1,14,900
50Muse i160016CIC/ITC/ITE51-710-110 dB74,900
5116RIC63/70/810-110 dB74,900
5216BTE660-95 dB74,900
5316BTE P750-105 dB74,900
54Muse i120012CIC/ITC/ITE51-710-110 dB34,900
5512RIC63/70/810-110 dB34,900
5612BTE660-95 dB34,900
5712BTE P750-105 dB34,900
58Muse i100010CIC/ITC/ITE51-710-110 dB24,900
5910RIC63/70/810-110 dB24,900
6010BTE660-95 dB24,900
6110BTE P750-105 dB24,900
62Muse iQ i240024CIC/ITC/ITE51-710-110 dB1,84,900
6324RIC63/70/810-110 dB1,84,900
6424BTE660-95 dB1,84,900
6524BTE P750-105 dB1,84,900
6624BTE PowerPlus *8420-120 dB1,84,900
67Muse iQ i200020CIC/ITC/ITE51-710-110 dB1,24,900
6820RIC63/70/810-110 dB1,24,900
6920BTE660-95 dB1,24,900
7020BTE P750-105 dB1,24,900
7120BTE PowerPlus *8420-120 dB1,24,900
72Muse iQ i160016CIC/ITC/ITE51-710-110 dB69,900
7316RIC63/70/810-110 dB69,900
7416BTE660-95 dB69,900
7516BTE P750-105 dB69,900
7616BTE PowerPlus *8420-120 dB69,900
77Muse iQ i120012CIC/ITC/ITE51-710-110 dB32,500
7812RIC63/70/810-110 dB32,500
7912BTE660-95 dB32,500
8012BTE P750-105 dB32,500
8112BTE PowerPlus *8420-120 dB32,500
82Muse iQ i100010CIC/ITC/ITE51-710-110 dB22,900
8310RIC63/70/810-110 dB22,900
8410BTE660-95 dB22,900
8510BTE P750-105 dB22,900
8610BTE PowerPlus *8420-120 dB22,900
87Muse i240024CIC/ITC/ITE51-710-110 dB1,59,900
8824RIC63/70/810-110 dB1,59,900
8924BTE660-95 dB1,59,900
9024BTE P750-105 dB1,59,900
91Muse i200020CIC/ITC/ITE51-710-110 dB99,900
9220RIC63/70/810-110 dB99,900
9320BTE660-95 dB99,900
9420BTE P750-105 dB99,900
95Muse i160016CIC/ITC/ITE51-710-110 dB59,900
9616RIC63/70/810-110 dB59,900
9716BTE660-95 dB59,900
9816BTE P750-105 dB59,900
99Muse i120012CIC/ITC/ITE51-710-110 dB27,500
10012RIC63/70/810-110 dB27,500
10112BTE660-95 dB27,500
10212BTE P750-105 dB27,500
103Muse i100010CIC/ITC/ITE51-710-110 dB17,900
10410RIC63/70/810-110 dB17,900
10510BTE660-95 dB17,900
10610BTE P750-105 dB17,900
--->SoundLens iQ (100% INVISIBLE SOLUTIONS)
107SoundLens iQ i240024IIC45/51/54/640-110 dB3,00,000
108SoundLens iQ 240024IIC45/51/54/640-110 dB2,10,000
109SoundLens iQ 200020IIC45/51/54/640-110 dB1,35,000
110SoundLens iQ 160016IIC45/51/54/640-110 dB85,000
111SoundLens iQ 120012IIC45/51/54/640-110 dB44,900
112SoundLens iQ 100010IIC45/51/54/640-110 dB34,900
--->SoundLens (100% INVISIBLE SOLUTIONS)
113SoundLens i240024IIC45/51/54/640-110 dB2,50,000
114SoundLens 240024IIC45/51/54/640-110 dB2,00,000
115SoundLens 200020IIC45/51/54/640-110 dB1,25,000
116SoundLens 160016IIC45/51/54/640-110 dB75,000
118SoundLens 120012IIC45/51/54/640-110 dB39,900
119SoundLens 100010IIC45/51/54/640-110 dB29,900
--->3 series
1203 series 11016IIC45/50/60/640-110 dB1,49,000
1213 series 9012IIC45/50/60/640-110 dB79,000
1223 series 708IIC45/50/60/640-110 dB49,000
1233 series 11016CIC/ITC/ITE50-790-110 dB1,35,000
1243 series 9012CIC/ITC/ITE50-790-110 dB62,500
1253 series 708CIC/ITC/ITE50-790-110 dB37,500
1263 series 306CIC/ITC/ITE50-790-110 dB19,500
1273 series 204CIC/ITC/ITE50-790-110 dB14,900
128Axio i1616BTE700-100 dB43,950
129Axio i1212BTE700-100 dB33,950
130Axio i88BTE700-100 dB24,950
131Axio i66BTE700-100 dB19,950
132Axio i44BTE700-100 dB17,950
133Axio 66BTE700-100 dB14,950
134Axio 44BTE700-100 dB14,150
1364CIC/ITC/ITE EXP0-100 dB17,350
1374BTE20-110 dB14,750
1384BTE 67520-120 dB13,300
139ARIES PRO8CIC/ITC/ITE0-90dB18,350
1408CIC/ITC/ITE EXP0-100 dB19,850
1418BTE20-110 dB16,900
1428BTE 67520-120 dB15,300
143Fortune PPBTE20-120dB11,000
144Fortune PBTE20-110dB10,000
145Fortune MBTE0-90dB6,500
146Dehumidifier· Hearing Aid Dehumidifier
· Contains Blue Pellets which absorb moisture
· Pellets can be reacvated if it turns Pink a er usage
147Wax Guard· Hydrashield 2 Nano Coated
· Prevents moisture, sweat and other chemical agents from entering the receiver
· Compa ble with Starkey's RIC and Custom hearing aids
· Set of 8 s cks
148Mic Cover· Hydrashield 2 Nano Coated
· Prevents moisture and other chemical agents from entering the microphone
· Available in Small and Large Sizes
· Set of 4 s cks cks
149Battery Tester· 2 mes larger readout screen
· Simple X (bad) or √ (good) readout to avoid confusion
· Features compartment to store 2 addi onal ba eries
150SurfLink Remote10,000
151SurfLink mini mobile22,500
152SurfLink media 231,000