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Impact of headphones or earbuds on younger generations and Prevention

As people are taking more and more benefits of music on the go, personal audio devices are leveling up the volume which is harmful to the listeners. Moreover, they are becoming a life- threatening issue for teens, children, or youngsters, as they are owning headphones or earbuds and are exposing to hearing problems. Young generations are listening to music many hours a day at high volume.

Future of children audio health

Loud sounds are not good for anyone, especially for children. As per the retired audiologist Jan Mayes, if younger children use headphones, they might suffer from understanding speech in loud places from their teens to early twenties.

This means these children in their 40s would find hearing very difficult as much as their grandparents find it now. Children should not be exposed to loud music or noise as much as they can, because they need their ears for their rest of the life.

In the pandemic, kids got exposed to headphones or earbuds which made hearing loss a common problem in children. Early age hearing problems could lead to many mental issues like stress, understanding of language, confidence problems, and many more.

According to the WHO, about 50% of the population age between 12 to 35 is at risk of hearing loss because of loud sounds or noise. In this, headphones or earbuds play an important role. According to many researchers, adults with personal music devices at high volume are at a higher risk of hearing loss or have a worse hearing.

How loud voice affect your hearing?

It can be very difficult to know that how loud is literally too loud when listening through headphones. On a normal music device, one might hear music as high as 94-110 dBA or less than a couple of minutes at 110 dBA can ruin ears and cause hearing loss.

Hearing to such blast or at reasonable volumes but for long, leaves its mark. It can damage the hair-like cells of the ears that help transmit the sound to the brain. It can also interfere with the connection between hair cells and nerve cells, which triggers ear problems.

Prevention for hearing problems

This is completely for parents! When it comes to kids parents are the ones who can handle any situation to keep their kids out of trouble whether it is a study problem or a health problem. So here are the preventions to keep your kid’s hearing power healthy.

Depending upon your kid’s age, explain to him or her about the hearing problem: Even a level of volume they enjoy can affect their ears big time. It doesn’t have to be bad for them. Furthermore, hearing loss can cause sudden, it shows symptoms that a child may not notice in the beginning but after some time when the damage is severe, or in some cases, they might not even have any warning signs.

In this parents can talk about the hearing problem and its symptoms to their kids, make them understand how it feels like. Explaining to kids that they might hear weird hissing, ringing, or buzzing or some other type of noises in the ear, while they are trying to concentrate on something. Tinnitus is an early warning sign that every kid should aware of in order to
prevent further hearing loss. As children, most of the time think that what they are listening to others are also listening to. So they should understand the concept and consequences of using earbuds, headphones, or listening to loud music.

Also, parents should notice how their kids are reacting to noise in the loud spaces. Kids with hearing problems become sensitive to loud music, which could be noticeable. A hearing problem in kids can prevent with a little bit of care and attention. The less they are exposed to any noise, earbuds, or headphones the more their ears grow strong.

Cure of Hearing loss

Hearing loss is irritating many people think they cannot live a normal life but that is not so true. Hearing aids are helping people and many kids to living a normal life with their helpful features. Anyone with hearing loss can opt hearing aid as per the recommendations of the doctor and live a normal life.

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