Hearing Aids Delhi


Practical and energy efficient
Perfect drying by convective flow of warm air,
electronic drying station, can
sanitize hearing aids and ear moulds in just 3 hrs,
be powered by a standard
UV-C kills 99.9% of germs, bacteria and fungi
outlet of USB for greater
S.No Model Description Features MRP
1 Perfect Dry Lux Perfect Dry Lux cleans and dries hearing aids. The energy-efficient hearing aid dryers can be powered by a standard outlet or USB for greater portability. The easy-to-use Perfect Dry Lux dries and sanitizes hearing aids in just 45 minutes.

Daily use results in improved acoustic performance, better reliability, and better ear hygiene.
2 Pro Link Wireless PRO LINK is the manageable fitting device you can count on, allowing you to put the customer in focus, right where they belong. With PRO LINK, you will always be able to provide stable and reliable fitting.

You only need one Widex fitting device for all your Widex hearing aids.

Using the WIDEX PRO LINK Connector, you can also fit the CIC-Micro hearing aids.
3 Standard Charger for mRIC R D CThis wireless power transfer charger is slim and comes with brushed aluminum anodized casing.

It is powered by USB and the hinged lid protects the charging wells from debris and dust .
Powered by USB, LED indicators, Light weight 8,000
4 Remote link This device helps to connect the end user to hearing care professional remotely without having end user visit the clinic.

Compatible with android and IOS devices.
Real time Hearing aid fitting & fine tuning 9,900
5 CROS FA /FS CROS transmitter can be used as CROS/BICROS variants. Suitable for single sided deafness and asymmetrical hearing losses. TruInput technology, Broadband locator, Reliable battery performance 30,000
6 Charge N Clean for mRIC R D Keep your WIDEX MOMENT™ mRIC R D in tip top condition, without the hassle, with the cleaning charging station. Keeping your hearing aids clean and dry can significantly help improving their lifetime Charging of hearing aids with wireless power transfer, Protection for hearing aids against dust with lid, Drying & disinfection of hearing aids using UV-C LED treatment temperature stabilization 12,000